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Making Healthy Habits in My Nighttime Routine

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Healthy Habits in Night time Routine #HerHealth #shop

These kids, Oh these kids, they are the biggest blessing and the hardest work all at the same time.  Lately Max (who is 3) has been totally driving me crazy and to my wits end, pushing every boundary, throwing crazy tantrums and just being a belligerent 3 year old. Needless to say I've been counting down the hours until bedtime almost everyday the last few weeks.  My kids go to bed at 7:00pm, which I highly recommend if you have young kids.  We have a pretty set bedtime routine in our house which is great for the kids, and I'll elaborate more in another post, but for my own sanity my favorite part of our family bedtime routine is our family hug.  After we say a family prayer Matt and I open our arms really big and say "family huuuuug" and we all hug together.  No matter how bad the day was it seems to melt away in that moment where we are all hugging each other close.  Hugs have been proven by science to help us in many different ways so I'm happy to establish this  healthy habit with my family.  

With the 7:00 bedtime in place it gives me plenty of me time in the evenings, its when I get most of my blogging done, go out with my husband (my babysitters have the easiest jobs) and go out with friends. Yes my kids wake up at the crack of dawn but I've decided I'd rather have a long kid free evening than sleeping in an extra hour, or maybe i'm just telling myself that... ha! Regardless when it comes time to actually crash into my lovely bed I'm trying to create a better bedtime routine for myself and establish my own healthy habits and take care of myself.  

Healthy Habits in Night time Routine & Aveeno Skincare Products #HerHealth #shop

It seems like lately my personal health and especially beauty maintenance gets put to the back burner.  I've just been given a lot more responsibility at church, Matts job has been crazy and on top of that I had an injury during training for my half marathon so I've been neglecting myself over the last month. Today I made it to Yoga which was so needed and last week I did an evening run to Walgreens to pick up some items i've been out of for way too long.  

Shopping for womens healthy at walgreens #HerHealth #shop

I don't do a lot by way of keeping up with a beauty routine but I'm trying very hard to be better about washing my face, moisturizing, and flossing every evening.  I also take a prenatal vitamin- no I'm not pregnant but eventually I will get pregnant again and I just like to know I'm not deficient in any of those nutrients important for baby growing.  I have one stipulation with my vitamins, they must be in fruit snack form, swallowing pills is the bane of my existence- a fact my husband teases me about regularly- so I was elated when the fruit snack vitamin started making its way around a few years ago- genius I tell you! 

Healthy Habits in Night time Routine & Aveeno Skincare Products #HerHealth #shop

Healthy Habits in Night time Routine & Aveeno Skincare Products #HerHealth #shop

Everyone says when you're young your skin should be oily but my skin has always been SO dry.  I love all the Aveeno products and use them often because they work for my dry skin and don't leave a greasy residue.  I'm totally loving the "positively radiant" line, just seeing those words on the containers makes me a little happier.  Total nerd, I know. 

Healthy Habits in Night time Routine & Aveeno Skincare Products #HerHealth #shop

Flossing.  do you floss everyday? I'm like the worlds worst flosser, well thats not true the 2 months before my dentist appointment I floss everyday but then I give up the other 10 months of the year.  New goal, floss everyday. So its kind of like the gummy vitamins I will only floss if I have the individual flossers, pulling out a strand of floss and wrapping it around my fingers- waaaaay too much work. Walgreens carries their own store brand that is great. 

Aveeno Skincare Products #HerHealth #shop

So at the end of the day if I devote a few minutes to creating healthy habits with a simple beauty routine I wake up feeling better (no makeup smeared all over my face and crust eyelashes) and I'm more ready to attack the day (or the toddler screaming down the hall).  

Yellow & Gray Bedroom #HerHealth #shop

What do you do to establish healthy habits in your life? #HerHealth #CollectiveBias

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