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Saturday Style: Vintage Blue Dress

Photography by Bre 

I love a good vintage find and before I had kids to drag a long with me I was known to frequent the vintage shops.  I picked up this awesome blue geometric print 1960's shift dress in Providence, RI during my college years.  It's silk, has a cool exposed metal zipper down the back and totally won me over with that Jackie-O roll collar.  Its has to be just the right time of year to wear it because it does have long sleeves but its such spring-ie print and fabric so I really only pull it out in the spring before it gets too warm.  

Photography by Bre 

I've paired it with a white skinny belt and white shoes before but I've been wearing these shoes with everything lately and loved them with this dress.  So I bought them at this store here called 1/2 of 1/2- its like a closeout closeout store, you have to be in the mood to dig and a lot of merchandise is damaged but its super cheap.  The shoes are kensie and one of the back straps was broken but all it needed was to be stitched back into a seam, which I could totally do so I got them for $12 (?!), fixed them and have been wearing them every chance I get since. 

Photography by Bre 
The height of these wedges is the perfect mom heel in my opinion.  High enough so I feel dressed up but low enough that I'm not tripping over myself or feel like I'm about to tip. When you wear vintage it's important to modernize the vintage piece, with a dress its a little harder than a top because you only have accessories to add to the look.  One thing I didn't love about pairing it with white shoes was that it turned out looking a little to costume-ie and not modern enough.  

Photography by Bre 
Do you have a favorite vintage shop? Bonus points if you live in KC and tell me about it in the comments! :) Happy Saturday!
Photography by Bre 

Dress: Vintage 1960's
Shoes: Kensie (discount store find)
Sunglasses: Ann Taylor Loft

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