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KC Finds Friday: PizzaBella

Girls night? yes please.  Don't get me wrong I love going on dates with my husband, we do it pretty much every weekend, but a good girls night with great friends is a must every now and then.  A few weeks ago we had a great girls night out at a local pizza place called Pizza Bella.  It's been a favorite of mine for a few years.  Give me a good cheese plate, wood-fired pizzas with gourmet ingredients and little freshie flavored sodas and you've won this gal over big time! Pizza Bella is located in the crossroads area of downtown Kansas City, so don't even try to get a table on first fridays, but any other night of the month I totally encourage you to go and enjoy the deliciousness that awaits you. 

Pizza Bella has cool modern rustic interior with great front glass doors that push open on beautiful evenings to let the entire front of the space be open to the patio.  The evening we went it wasn't quite warm enough (random cold May day) but I love that feature of the space when it is nice out. Pizza's here are not anything like the delivery you just ate (I literally just ate delivery! ha!) They are thoughtfully put together harmonies of toppings that are cooked in a wood fired oven to perfection.  Honestly I haven't met a pizza bella pizza that I didn't like.  Get this you can see a photo of every item on their menu on their website HERE, how awesome is that?! 

So of course for starters I loved the cheese plate but the underdog of the evening was the brussel sprouts.  Talk about a delicious dish, paired with pancetta, cranberries and almonds and tossed in some type of heavenly vinaigrette we were all wanting to lick the plate. I also love that they carry little freshie syrups that they create sodas and floats with, I enjoyed a orange ginger spice soda and a few of my friends sipped down the strawberry rose, ahhh. 

The pizzas are big enough for two people to split so we ordered 4 between the 9 of us and it was a perfect amount.  We ordered the sausage, biancoverde, roasted eggplant and chorizo.  They were all delicious, however I think my favorite was the chorizo which comes with basil pesto, chorizo, roasted red peppers, ricotta, parsley- enough said, right?!

We had 9 girls on a Friday night and pizza bella was more than accommodating for our group. The service is great, the food is delicious and with great company you can't go wrong!

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