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Mom's Night Off with DiGiorno

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There are a lot of things that I wish I could just take a day off from like screaming toddlers and poopy diapers and cleaning (oh wait I talk a lot of days off of that).  This morning as my child decided to do her usual morning routine of screaming bloody murder for no reason (she's not a morning person) I thought to myself can I just have today off? And as I type that I also feel guilty because I am so lucky and blessed to be able to stay at home and have all the many luxuries that I have (can I get some applause for the dishwasher and washing machine?!).  The good news is that there are things that I can take off every once in a while and dinner is one of them.  Lat night I totally took the night off from cooking and whipped out the DiGiorno boxes.  Best. Decision. Ever. 

Can I also tell you about my morning yesterday? After going to the gym where the kids got to play for a good hour I decided to be brave and take them to walmart with me to pick up some groceries for dinner.  As we pulled into the parking lot Max realized where we were and immediately said "We are at walmart mom! I want a lego batman!"  We are at this stage where he wants everything he sees and remembers everything he sees. Clearly the brand new captain america dart shooting shield that his nana got him a few days ago was not enough for this clever little guy.  So being the discerning mother that I am (and having no intention of purchasing any new toys on this shopping excursion) I turned around and calmly explained that we would not be getting any toys.  Cue the curtains because a tony award winning tantrum happened.  That is when I turned the van back on and headed right out of the parking lot.  I was not about to take that crazy into walmart. 

Which brings me to 5:00pm when Matt got home and there were not groceries to make dinner.  I got back in the van (by myself this time) and ran back to walmart, strait to the frozen aisle and picked up a DIGIORNO® Design A Pizza™ Kit, DIGIORNO® RISING CRUST® Pizza, and pizzeria! from DIGIORNO®.  Again Best. Decision. Ever- it had clearly been a long day (the explosion in the car was 1 of 4 that day) and I just needed a night off. whew!

I picked up a DIGIORNO® Design A Pizza™ Kit that the kids helped me put together and it was a fun little dinner activity.  I also like that you can put your toppings only on half or leave them off altogether if you have picky eaters.  We put the peppers only on one side because they would have been picked off otherwise. Personally I enjoyed the tuscan chicken pizzeria! from DIGIORNO® pizza the best.  But how can you go wrong with pizza for dinner? 

Does anyone else have a terrible time finding dinners that your kids will eat? Lately Max has become so picky to the sight of food.  He will scream and fight and yell just because he's never seen it before. And then when he finally gives up and puts it in his mouth he usually says something like "I like it!" or "This is good".  Oh brother is what I have to say to that. The joys of 3 year olds!

The good news is that these kids love pizza so my night off was a success!

Mom's Night off with DiGiorno

When you need a night off what do you reach for to feed your family? I'd love to know in the comments!

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