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KC Finds Friday: Jackie at En Vogue Salon

Best Hair Stylist in Kanas City

Hair.  Its a big deal, right?!  I'm an adventurer when it comes to my hair, I should probably put up photos of the transformations that my hair has gone through in the last 10 years. It would be more than 10 photos. :) I like change and I'm not afraid to cut it or grow it out or cut it again, but here's the deal I'm totally afraid not having a great stylist.  Starting in high school I went to this amazing guy in Nashville- Gordon- and even through college when i would go home for holidays he would do my hair, heck even the first year we moved to Kansas City I went home to Nashville to get my hair done.  The thing is once you find someone who is really great its terrifying to let anyone new touch it.  Finally I realized I needed to grow up and find someone in my own city.  

Back in 2011 I was really into groupon and so I went out on a limb and purchased a salon discount groupon and made an appointment.  I was SO lucky to land with Jackie.  When I first saw her Max was 4 months old, my hair was long and having the post baby fall out and it just looked boring.  I asked her to go bright blonde and cut it into a bob with strait across bangs, total transformation, and she made it look perfect. It was the start of whats sure to be a very long relationship.

Best Hair Stylist in Kanas City

How much does your hair affect how you feel about your appearance everyday? I'm pretty sure its like 80% of my happiness.  (of my happiness about how I look, not life in general, geez I'm not that vain) And this girl knows how to cut and color, really well.  She has taken me from long flat blonde to short bob bright blonde to short brown to long brownish reddish and every time I leave her chair I feel great. 

She's easy to work with trying to get exactly what you want- she'll ask you for photos so she can really understand the color and cut that you are going for and then she'll execute it with precision.  I got more compliments on my bob than I've ever gotten on any cut in my life! So Kansas City friends if you're looking for a new stylist give Jackie a call and schedule your appointment. 

She works at En Vogue Salon at 6727 W 119th St. Overland Park KS 66209 and the number to book is 903-495-4634, tell her I sent ya! :)

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