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BritKit Embroidered Watch Craft Party!

Have you checked out Brit + Co yet? Its this awesome diy + tech + food website that will totally suck your time away as you look through all the awesome articles.  Brit + Co creates these fun BritKits, a craft project in a box that contains everything you need to do complete it.  Its super fun especially for those who are lost by all the choices in a craft store! Well Brit + Co was so kind and sent me kits to host a britkit party and we had a blast! The most current Britkit is an embroidered watch and its super cool.  There are two different Timex watches to choose from- lime green or bright orange and then in the kit is embroidery needles and embroidery thread.  The people over at Brit + Co have amazing taste so you know that what ever is in the BritKit is going to be cool. I thought the color combinations they put together with the thread were perfect. 

The BritKit always comes with step by step photo instructions as well as more detailed instructions on their site.  I got the lime green Timex and I love it!

Have you ever hosted a craft party? Its super fun, we all had a great time chatting and embellishing our watches. Its always more fun to craft with friends, yes?

Here are all our finished watches. fun right?!

A HUGE thanks to Brit + Co & Timex for sending us the BritKits, it was a fun night!

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