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My Health Goals: now made public!

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My Healthy Goals #BalanceRewards #cbias
Walgreens App on the iPhone- Balance Rewards for Healthy Choices

I've never really used this blog as a forum for being accountable on my personal health goals but today I'm starting.  First of all can we just talk about for a second how different your body is after having a baby?! I used to be able to eat whatever I wanted, go to the gym here and there and maintain within 5 pounds of my ideal weight, gone are those days, gone I tell you! After baby number 2 it seems that my body just wants to stay stuck at about 10lbs heavier than what I used to be and ideally want to be.  It is super frustrating and to add salt to the wound I'll get back down by eating good food and exercising only to go right back up on the scale just weeks after if I can't make it to the gym consistently or I start to slide on what I eat.  Its kind of like I have to be constantly making healthy choices or I pay for it.  Is this adulthood? Because if so I want to go back to teen-dom! (I mean not really, but can my body please?!) Obviously I need some accountability and I don't think I'm alone, Walgreens frequent shopper program- Balance Rewards- now has a healthy choices feature that helps you track your health activity and then rewards you for it! So if you weren't motivated enough by the pants that now make you have a severe muffin top, earning real rewards at Walgreens should help you out. :)

My Healthy Goals #BalanceRewards #cbias
Balance Rewards Point Activity online

I mean I guess its a good thing to be motivated to continually exercising and eat right (optimum health anyone?) but it's hard! I know many of you out there are thinking "only 10 pounds, not a big deal!" but it's the difference in a clothing size, which is super annoying- pants too tight, pants too loose, back and forth, back and forth and the difference of feeling happy when I look in the mirror vs. annoyed and a little down hearted.

My Healthy Goals #BalanceRewards #cbias

So if you know me at all it's no surprise to you that I've made some goals. This weight has got to go, and ideally I'd like it to turn into muscle! I need to eat better and drink a lot more water, did you know a lot of research says that a lot of the time when you think you're hungry your actually just thirsty? I can attest to the fact that if I drink 3 liters of water a day I snack way less, and yes pee a lot more. So here are my health goals, out there for everyone to see and keep me accountable for!
  •  Drink 3 liters of water a day
  •  Exercise 5 days a week.  3 days at the gym, 2 days at home
  •  Drink a green smoothie 5 days a week, Eat healthy lunches.
  •  No Sugar before 7pm
  •  Take vitamins everyday- Multivitamin, Vitamin C & B Complex 
Have you shopped at Walgreens before? I mean who hasn't, right? I went in yesterday to pick up some vitamins because I've been told that they help keep you healthy.  I will say that I started taking the B Complex a few weeks ago and its given me more energy in the afternoons when I used to be totally dragging the floor.  I don't drink any caffeine so the B Complex has really helped me fight taking a nap in the afternoons.  I love a nap, but I just have way too much to get done everyday that I cannot afford to lose the hour and half when kids are asleep!

My Healthy Goals #BalanceRewards #cbias

Anyway, I went in to pick up vitamins and when I was checking out I almost forgot to give them my Balance Rewards card (which I just use the app on my phone and they scan it) when they scanned it I got one of the vitamins for free because they were BOGO! I guess all the deal getters out there already know how great the Balance Rewards program is but now its pretty awesome that they allow you to get points, which equal into dollars to spend at Walgreens for just doing things like entering and tracking your weight, sleep activity, blood glucose level, and blood pressure.  It has a great feature where you can set goals and track your progress to reach it!

My Healthy Goals #BalanceRewards #cbias
Healthy Choices Tracking Sleep History

As far as exercising goes I'll be doing a high intensity interval training workout each of my gym days that is about 45 minutes.  I have an awesome friend who is going to put together a workout routine for me that I can do to really push myself and build muscle to get rid of fat. The 2 days I'm at home I'd like to go on runs, 2-3 miles, through my neighborhood until it gets too cold.  Its blazing hot right now (hottest week of the summer actually) but It will cool down soon enough.  I use the runkeeper app that sync's with the healthy choices program and get points when I run, I'll take it! If you use a fitbit they also sync along with many other devices that track your daily steps.

My Healthy Goals #BalanceRewards #cbias
Healthy Choices Fitness Tracker- Arrows shows where to click to connect a device

My Healthy Goals #BalanceRewards #cbias
Connect a device! so many devices and apps to choose from to sync up with balance rewards!

What are the pitfalls when you are trying to lose weight and in general make healthier choices? Mine is cake. and cookies. and ice cream. and yeah you get it, good thing my birthday celebrating ends on Saturday because all this well, it all starts Monday! ;) I promise!

Go ahead and setup your own balance rewards online and download the app to start tracking and earning points for all your healthy choices! Click HERE to get started. 

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