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A Clean House = A Happy Mom

I, like all of you, really enjoy a clean home, there is something really amazing about no crumbs on the counter and vacuum lines on the carpet, right? But here's my problem- I hate deep cleaning, give me a cluttered closet and I'll organize it in a hour, but bathrooms to scrub- no thank you.  I can keep my house picked up consistently (which with a 2 and a 3 year old is still a feat) but the deep cleaning I do begrudgingly because I don't want to live with sticky floors.

do you see those vacuum lines??! ahhhhmazing I tell you!
At this time last year I started blogging with the intention of making money at some point and decided that if/when I made enough money to pay for a cleaning service I would do it.  Even if all I made was just enough to pay the house cleaners I was totally hiring it out.  Well a year later I had started making some money with this here blog, which is amazing and I couldn't be happier, but I still hadn't made the leap and hired someone to clean my house.

Don't think I had stopped thinking about it, trust me every time I took a shower and looked at the shower door or thought about how how long it had been since I scrubbed toilets I wished I had a cleaning service.  What was holding me back? I guess its spending money on something that I can do but don't want to seems indulgent, right? The mom guilt totally kicks in on spending money on something thats not a necessity even though it was totally what I wanted.

Clean basement? Yes please! I'm pretty sure I've mopped it 3 times in 5 years! yikes!

So guys, I totally did it.  I've hired a cleaning service and they've come twice.  It's life changing, life changing I tell you! In the past I've had people come for special occasions like my birthday or mother's day but its just a one time clean and now I'm on a every 2 week schedule and it might be the best thing I've ever done for myself since being a mom. I'll tell you all my reasons why.

First, the cleaning devil on my shoulder is gone.  You know that nagging voice that whispers into your ear "the floor needs to be mopped" or "there is a layer of dust on everything- go clean it lazybones", well guess what- its gone! Having someone take on that to-do list of all the cleaning tasks takes a huge burden off my shoulders. I don't have to even think about deep cleaning anymore and its amazing how much time I spent just thinking about/ stressing about/ dreading the idea of cleaning.

vacuum lines in my closet?! awesome

I have more time! More time to do what I want and need to do.  I love to do projects for my blog, I love to do fun things with my kids, I love to cook good meals for my family and I hate to clean, ha! So it makes total sense to take that I give that to someone else.

One of the things about being a work at home mom is that everything melds together- work, raising kids, keeping house, enjoying life etc.  Although I try my best to make a schedule and work during specific times, my day rarely looks like a 9-5- which is the beauty of working at home.  The to do list is pretty long each day and its hard to cross everything off, in the past two weeks I have felt more capable to get everything done because the cleaning was not on the list.

A clean shower- is this even my house?!

My house gets cleaned entirely all at once! I was never able to get the entire house clean at one time and so I never had the wonderful feeling of ahhhhh clean house, well now I have that luxury and its really ahhhhhmazing. Its even better that I didn't have to do it!

I found my cleaning service on Zaarly, a great service finder website that lets you contact a provider that they have already qualified and approved. Then all payments go through Zaarly, which makes it easy- no leaving checks or forgetting payments they just charge your card on file after the service is finished.  Zaarly also guarantees all the services they help you find on top of what that provider guarantees, so you're pretty safe in assuming you'll get a great home cleaner, handyman, or yard worker. I always wondered how to find a reliable handyman!

So clearly we all know what I'm doing with an extra $300 a month- I'm curious, what would you do if you made an $300 extra a month? I know my husband would play golf ;)

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