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Happy New Year!

Hey you! its 2015, can you believe it?! Happy New Year! Do you have some goals for 2015? I always love making goals and every January I have a typed up, categorized list of all the things I really want to accomplish in the coming year.  Starting last year I also picked a word to focus on and as I was making goals for 2015 I had this nagging feeling that I just need to be more fun.  I need to be more fun for my kids and with my kids, I need to have more fun in my life and enjoy everyday more fully.  Its a totally different kind of goal for me and honestly its kind of scary because sometimes I wonder if I am any fun (especially fun for my kids) but I think the truth is that I just need to be more light hearted, worry a little less, stress a little less and laugh and be silly a lot more.  

Here are a few other goals from the categorized list, just in case you were wondering. :) 

-Create a YouTube channel and awesome YouTube Videos
-Play with my kids 1 hour every day
-Do a Happiness Jar (the project to come next week)
-Do dates with my kids individually monthly
-Remember Birthdays
-Take a skillshare class once a month 
-Loose 10 lbs

What are your goals? I'd love to hear them in the comments! Cheers to a fabulous 2015!

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