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Inside Pediatrics by Children's Mercy

I am excited to announce that I'll be starting a partnership with Children's Mercy hospital and each month bringing you health information for your kids as well as an inside look into one of the busiest children's hospitals in the country.
To begin I'd like to tell you about the truly unique TV series called Inside Pediatrics that Children's Mercy created. Watching these episodes is like watching a real life version of Grey's Anatomy.  The very first episode of season 1 had me hooked.  Its pretty amazing watching a real open heart surgery of a young boy. Oh and you might recognize the narrator's voice, its Paul Rudd.

We have quite a few medical professionals in our family, my father-in-law is a surgeon, two of my brother-in-laws are doctors and Matt (my husband) is going to dental school next year.  Watching these episodes of Inside Pediatrics reminds me how grateful I am that there are such smart caring people who become doctors and nurses that truly save lives.
No one looks forward to taking your child to the hospital, however knowing that there is a top ranked children's hospital close is comforting. Being able to get a glimpse into how that hospital works through the Inside Pediatrics episodes is also comforting and reassuring that if we ever needed to seek medical care we would be well taken care of.
Season 2 of Inside Pediatrics airs tomorrow (December 16th) on KMBC 9 at 7:00pm. Tune in and watch the 1st & 2nd episode of season 2 and join me on twitter and facebook, I'll be sharing my thoughts as I watch the premier.

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