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Parrot Uncle Review

I love making updates to our home. If I had a bank account with extra cash it would be going to a complete home makeover- doesn't that sound so fun?! However said extra cash does not exist so I, like most of you, make small updates here and there to add my own personal style to our house. I was thrilled to be able to receive and review some new lighting fixtures from Parrot Uncle. 
Industrial Pendant Light Fixtures

Looking through I found tons of awesome fixtures! I was looking for pendant lights to go above the bar in my kitchen.  There were 3 can lights there in just the right spot to swap out for cool pendants.  I've been wanting large dome pendants there and everything I was seeing online was super expensive, way out of my budget. I found the Vincent pendant on parrot uncle and the photo looked just like what I had been picture and I was super impressed with the price for the size that was listed- $93 for a 17" diameter light! They are big, and to be honest I was a little skeptical of what was going to arrive in the mail.  I'm thrilled to say that I am so impressed with these lights and I love the dramatic transformation they made to my kitchen. 
Living Room Before Pendant Lights Photo
Pendant Lighting Fixtures in Kitchen
A few things to know when you are purchasing from Parrot Uncle- your order takes several weeks to arrive because it is coming directly from overseas.  Mine came strait from China, packaged well and nothing was broken or damaged. I'm guessing the prices are low because they ship strait from the manufacturer. I obviously can't speak for every product on the site, but I was very impressed with the quality of my lights. They are heavy, well made and exactly what was pictured. Parrot Uncle also has an extensive inventory of Tiffany Lights if you are interested!

 Make sure you look at the dimensions listed and pull out a measuring tape to see exactly what the measurements are. I knew I wanted large lights, however it would be hard to tell in the photo that they are as large as they are. Just double check your measurements before you order. 
Pendant Lights over Bar
My husband is pretty handy however he has no electrical experience at all, that being said he installed  these lights with just basic tools and a can light converter kit he purchased at home depot. That is the white ring you see around the top of the fixture- it attaches to where the can light was and has instructions on how to wire the new light. 
Industrial Modern Black Dome Pendant Lights
I still feel like you can't really tell in pictures the dramatic difference these lights make in my home! I really really love them. It was a simple change that really made a big difference and with minimal effort (painting the walls sounds like so much work!). I have big plans to change a lot in the kitchen (paint the walls & cabinets, new countertops and backsplash) and I love how these lights look great now and will be perfect with the new color scheme I have for the future. 
Converter Kit for Can Lights to Pendant Lights
What small changes have you done that make you love your space so much more? I'd love to hear in the comments! 

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