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4 Ways To End Hunger in Kansas City

Today I've got 4 ways to end hunger in Kansas City. I am so happy to partner with Harvesters- The Community Food Network, an organization that truly reaches out and continually serves our community.
how to volunteer at a food bank with kids
Harvesters distributes food through 620+ nonprofit agencies in a 26 county service area of NW Missouri and NE Kansas. Did you know that Harvesters feeds more than 141,500 different people every month. EVERY MONTH. That is crazy to me.

What food banks really need.
You may not realize just how many people need help with food, there is literally not a county in the Harvesters service area that does not receive food. 25% of those served by Harvesters are children, 20% are seniors and nearly half of all households had at least one adult who worked in the last year. Only 5% of people receiving food are homeless.
Ending hunger in Kansas City
What if you had to choose between your next meal, a critical prescription or rent? Those are the kind of decisions many people in our Kansas City community are facing and where Harvesters steps in to help. People who are facing hunger challenges can't move on to provide for their families.
Give time and volunteer at Harvesters in Kansas City
Harvesters is an amazing food bank and in 2011 Harvesters was named Feeding America's Food Bank of the Year! Harvesters mission is to feed hungry people today and work to end hunger tomorrow. Harvesters envisions a time when everyone in our community will have access to enough nutritious food to maintain a healthy lifestyle. With that in mind Harvesters has started a new campaign called Hungry4More.
Helping the community through food banks
Hungry4More wholesome food items to fill stomachs and promote good heath.
Hungry4More healthful food options.
Hungry4More resources.
Hungry4More community support.
Hungry4Moreaction to feed children, feed seniors and feed families.
How to volunteer at a food bank

Are you Hungry4More?

Charlie Hustle for Harvesters shirt
You can get this awesome Charlie Hustle tee HERE

Here are 4 Ways to End Hunger in Kansas City

Host a food drive. Contribute to a food drive. click HERE to see the list of most needed items. 

For $1 Harvesters provides 3 meals. Harvesters needs to raise 20 million dollars this year to expand their freezer and cooler so that they can provide more fresh food.

Volunteers are essential to the operation of keeping the Harvesters facility running. It's fun and is SO helpful. In these pictures you can see when I took my church group of girls ages 8-11 and their dads to help for an evening. They loved it! 

Become a hunger advocate by signing up for Harvesters' advocacy email alerts HERE.

volunteering to help end hunger.
I love the Kansas City community! Let's step up even more and help end hunger in KC! 

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