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How to use CURAGO App

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CURAGO is an organizational app for families that makes scheduling all of life's events, tasks and to do's so much easier! In this post I'll show you how to use this new app. This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of CURAGO.
helping your family get organized with a digital calendar
I'm not sure about you but scheduling and communication regarding schedules is really important for our family harmony and especially our marriage. I find it incredibly frustrating to not know what the week looks like in regards to all of our different schedules.

Something we do every week is have a family meeting on Sunday evening. Among other things we look at the calendar and discuss the coming week. It's extremely helpful to take a moment and just talk about the week, even when we have everything written down.

I'm super excited to show you CURAGO, (prounounced koo-rah-go) a really fantastic new organizational app that is perfect for families. Not only is it super efficient for seeing your family's schedule but it's well designed (so I don't hate looking at it) and customizable. I've fallen in love with it over the last few weeks as I've been using it.

Step 1 for learning how to use the CURAGO app
Matt and I have tried almost every type of calendaring system from the white board on the fridge to paper to digital.  We've decided we have to have a digital calendar that syncs on our respective devices when one of us updates it. It's the most effective way to make sure we are on the same page. CURAGO completely fits the bill and does it beautifully. 

Step 1: Setup Your Family.
To setup CURAGO, download it in the app store to your device. Setup an account and get started putting in your family. On the bottom menu, all the way on the right hand side where it says "me" is your settings for adding and changing everything. Click over and start adding your family members. If it's a spouse or older child you can invite them so they can add their own calendar and have the app on their phone as well, if they are a child add them as a "junior".
Step 2 for learning how to use the CURAGO digital scheduling app
Step 2: Add Events.
Adding events is simple. Just click on the bottom menu center button "add". The left hand side of the above picture will pop up and you then you'll click event. There are a variety of options when creating event including adding a recurring event (like basketball practice that happens every week) to inviting people to join the event. If it's an event that both you and your husband will be going to then add him, if it's just something that you want him to see that you'll be doing don't add him. He'll still see your calendar but won't be added to the event, therefore he'll know he's in charge of the kids. 😉
CURAGO family organization app
Step 3: Customize

Ok, I love that you can add photos of your family members. Just look at the above picture of my day at a glance. I really like that I can see quickly who is doing what because of the picture bubbles. It's even easier than just different colors. 
learning how to use the digital calendar app for families CURAGO
Step 4: Add A List.
This feature is AWESOME. You can create a list and then add it to an event. Genius! Above I created the list and then below I added it to my event for grocery shopping. 
Why you should use CURAGO
Customizing CURAGO the organizational app for families
Step 5: Add a Background. 
Another fun customizable feature is adding an image to the home screen of the app. I turned one of my favorite quotes into a screen saver image! "A negative mind will never give you a positive life." and you can download it for free. Note that the home screen of CURAGO is always greyed out to give the focus to the upcoming events, so the images you put there will be darker. 

Just download the file by clicking below and then save it to your phone, it will show up in the photos. Then go to "me" in your bottom menu and click on wallpaper to change it. Easy!
You can download the image HERE
organizing your families schedules
I spoke with the app developers and a desktop version is in the works and will be up very very soon, which I'm excited about. I find it more efficient to do things like import lots of events from my laptop than on my phone. The web version will also be mobile responsive. Being accessible from my laptop will be a game changer, I can't wait to see it!

Here's an image from their website:
desktop version for CURAGO

Currently CURAGO is available in the iTunes store for IOS, and will soon be available on android. Make sure you follow them on Facebook // Instagram // Twitter

Or Google +

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