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Food, Health & Happiness in 2017

I'm super excited to share with you some really awesome products I was sent to kick off the new year. From a fantastic new cookbook to my favorite new socks you're going to want to keep reading. ;) This post is sponsored by on behalf of Single Edition Media.
Products that make keeping resolutions easier
By now you all know that I love New Year's and making goals to get me headed the right direction. I was sent some really fun products to help with keep my New Year's resolutions going strong! My biggest New Year's resolution is to commit to my morning routine. The routine consists of the alarm going off at 5:15 and being downstairs working out to a dvd by 5:30, after exercising I mediate, pray, and then read my scriptures. I really do love this routine because I get my essentials done 1st thing in the morning and I'm usually showered and ready before my son even gets on the bus! 

Oprah Winfrey's new cookbook
One of my main goals last year was to cook dinner 5 nights a week. You might find it kind of crazy but I rarely cook the same thing twice. I just love trying new recipes! I was thrilled when I opened  the box to find this brand new cookbook by Oprah Winfrey Food, Health and Happiness. I cannot wait to start cooking up some of the recipes found inside and dive into reading some of her personal comments and stories. I love Oprah! (I mean who doesn't!!)
Cookbook for healthy recipes by Oprah Winfrey
In this personal cookbook, Oprah shares recipes for a happier and healthier you! Filled with dishes created alongside her favorite chefs and paired with personal essays, Food, Health, and Happiness is a behind-the-scenes look into the life (and kitchen!) of Oprah Winfrey. It contains 115 on-point recipes for great meals and a better life, and did I mention the photography and illustrations throughout are beautiful!
Recipes by Oprah and her famous friends
Next up is Made in Nature Organic Figgy Pops Tart Cherry Fig Super Snacks. I have to say I was a little hesitant to try these because I'm not a cherry fan, anything "tart" sends me running. I was SO pleasantly surprised by how much I LOVE these energy balls. 
Figgy Pop Made in Nature snacks
They are kind of a combination of the energy bites and larabars that I make. They include tart cherries, figs, dates,walnuts, cashews and a coconut coating. They hit all the health nut checklist items: Certified Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, No refined sugar - sweetened with maple syrup, Good source of fiber and Unsulfured, no preservatives. 
Tart cherry energy balls
OH and I have a cool little discount for you! You can get $10 off your order of $39+ of Made in Nature products! Just use coupon Code: janboosters, it's valid until February 28th! Click HERE to go to the Made in Nature site and find some healthy snacks!
Cherry Figgy Pops energy balls by made in nature
I love new socks, so I was thrilled when I opened these FITS socks. But guys, these are not your normal running socks. They are kind of amazing. I think I must walk strangely or something because my socks always tend to rotate during the day and end up totally sideways on my foot. Yesterday I wore the FITS light hiker sock and it was kind of life changing. My feet were warm all day and the socks didn't move. If you're looking for a top rated running sock, this is it!
The best fitting socks in the world
FITS® is a premium sock brand resulting from the collaboration of third and fourth generation textile manufacturers to create the absolute best fitting sock in the marketplace as a response to an industry-wide epidemic of ill-fitting socks. 
The best hiking socks
I know I've found my new favorite socks, I can't wait to wear the running ones when it gets a bit warmer outside. I might even go running just because of the socks! 😉
My favorite wool socks
Do you need new socks in your life? Head over to the FITS website and enter to win a $200 gift card!  The winner will be drawn on Jan 25 so don't wait!
the best running socks
I love to support brands and products that do good as well as being good. JUST water is 100% spring water in a paper-based bottle. The JUST® water bottle is made of 83% renewable resources by using paper and plant-based plastic from sugarcane, resulting in a 74% reduction in CO2 emissions compared to a range of traditional plastic bottles.
bottled water that does good
JUST® water is sourced from the Glens Falls watershed in Upstate New York where water is abundant. An ethical trade revenue partnership with the city of Glens Falls is revitalizing the local community by paying six times the municipal rate for access to less than 3% of its excess water. 
JUST® water is available nationally at a retail price of $0.99 for a 16.9-ounce bottle.
Equal is here to help disrupt discrimination
EQUAL is a new movement to combat discrimination. EQUAL is for everyone who believes in equality for all. This new brand is resolving to help disrupt discrimination this year and giving a movement and symbol to all those who want to do so as well. Grab some merch with the symbol and spread the word on social media. Together we can help everyone feel EQUAL
Organic teas that will help you naturally balance your mood and body
If you're already a tea drinker I'm sure you are familiar with Tea Forte. This set of teas is a new collection called SIPSCRIPTIONS with a unique purpose for functional mind and body-balancing and to help ward off the adverse effects that the hectic speed of life can bring. SIPSCRIPTIONS teas are curated craftings of tea leaves, fresh herbs and choice bio-active botanicals to deliver nature’s all-natural prescription to support daily health and well-being.
Tea to help your well being
SIPSCRIPTIONS Collection is available in Tea Forte's signature pyramid infusers, loose tea canisters and Single Steeps-perfect measure single serve loose tea pouches and includes:

RESIST Tea for Wellness

REGROUP Tea for Detox

REBOOT Tea For Energy

RESULTS Tea for Fitness

RETREAT Tea for Relaxation
Tea that will help you balance your life and feel great
AND I've got a deal for you! Get 10% off any SIPSCRIPTIONS item through January 31st with Code: WELLNESS


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