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Everyday Style for this Stay at Home Mom

Everyday casual comfortable style that this stay at home mom loves. This post is sponsored by prAna, all opinions are my own!
My style has become so fluid and at times non-exsistent over the past 6 years. Being a mom has dramatically changed how I look at getting dressed. I know the casual style choices I make are related to me being comfortable in every activity I may take part in throughout the day. From running to the grocery store, helping baby crawl up the playground equipment at the park, taking the dog outside, snuggling a crying child on the couch and cleaning a toilet. Literally all of those things could be done in a single morning in my life. Can you relate?

I was super excited to receive this outfit from prAna. The prAna annexi pants are awesome, they almost feel like sweatpants but look cute enough to wear out to lunch. I'm seriously in love with them, they are light weight and perfect for spring! I love how they hit just above the ankle and again- so comfy. Mine are in the color coal. 😊
The shirt, the prAna Cleo Tee, is casual and comfortable- so soft! I love the color combination- aqua and gray- hello! my favorite! 😍😍😍 It comes in several other color that are equally as cute! prAna uses hemp and organic cotton for their clothing and it's all so soft and luxurious. 
prAna is awesome and offering you a discount until April 14th! Get 15% off your entire prAna order! Use this exclusive coupon code for Handmade in the Heartland readers:PMOMHMH
I listen to this podcast called "Happier" and they talk about your fantasy self and your reality self. My fantasy self wears crisp white button downs, tailored jeans, jewelry and full makeup every day. My reality self just doesn't. I want clothes that look cute but match my day to day life of working and living at home with small kids. I can happily say I've found a new brand that helps my reality self feel  a little bit better about my everyday clothes. 
prAna designs clothing that looks good but is versatile enough for any lifestyle and any adventure. It's common for prAna fans to wear their gear to work and to go for a hike. In my opinion they have great choices for active moms running around all over the place! 😊
I love a brand who has a mission other than to sell their product and prAna has a strong sense of identity- to serve people as well as the Earth. prAna offers organic, hemp, sustainable, and fair trade items so that consumers feel great about the things they wear and the items they give. While prAna clothing is made to accommodate any adventure, the items are first and foremost mindfully made in order to support fair trade and sustainable practices. prAna actually has only one core belief, and that is to give back more than we take from the world.
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