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Painted Table & Painted Bathroom Refresh

It's amazing what a difference a nice new layer of paint can make. I painted my master bath and my patio table and in this post I show you how to make your indoor and outdoor spaces look new again! This post is sponsored by KILZ®, all opinions are my own. 
Putting KILZ COMPLETE COAT™ Interior & Exterior paint to the test I decided to paint my master bath and my patio table! I am so happy with the results and excited to share all the details with you! Both my bathroom and my table were in serious need of a refresh. Splintering on my table and water spots all over my bathroom walls were fixed with a little bit of work and a coat of paint!

How to paint a wood patio table

It's spring here in Kansas City and that means lots of patio sitting weather! We love to dine out on our deck and we love the patio table that Matt made for our family about 2 years ago. Although, we had a problem. We did not use the right type of paint for our table when we made it, we used an outdoor stain with color in it. The results after 2 winters were not pretty. 
Our wood patio table was in serious need of a refresh, cracking and splintering we couldn't eat at it because of fear that our kids would get a splinter! 
Toward the end of last summer we wouldn't even sit at it because of fear of getting a splinter. It was in need of a refresh, and pronto since the spring weather is here! As you can see in the photo above it was looking a little sad, but it is still a fantastic table worth refinishing!
Matt took a heavy duty belt sander to it and sanded it nice and smooth.  This time we decided to go with a thick semi-gloss paint to withstand the weather. I'm also planning on covering it with a tarp next winter. KILZ COMPLETE COAT™ paint and primer in one created a beautiful new finish for the table! 
I went to my super Walmart where they have the paint counter and purchased a gallon of complete coat semi-gloss in the color Incense Stick. It was the darkest brown color swatch on the wall. I am literally thrilled with the way my table turned out. 
I put 2 coats of paint on the table top and bench tops. I'm considering going back and doing a third only because of the wear and tear of weather. After the first coat the table was completely covered, but I want a thick glossy finish for this table. 
I decided that the lower parts of the table and benches were fine and didn't need a new coat of paint, and I love the two tone look. We are so excited to be able to dine on our deck once again! What outdoor furniture do you have that needs to be refreshed with a new coat of paint? It's kind of amazing how just a gallon of complete coat and a paintbrush can make something look new again. 
I love that Matt can build furniture, this table was so much cheaper than buying something similar. We got the plans from the girls over at Shanty-2-Chic and for about $100 of wood at Home Depot he built the table and benches! My kids love to sit and eat lunch or dinner out on the deck and since we don't have stairs going down to the back yard I can let the 1 year old out there even if I'm still in the kitchen. 
I have to thank my friends at KILZ® for providing me with their new KILZ COMPLETE COAT™ paint. I've used a lot of paint in the past 10 years and this paint and primer in one stands up to the competitors at a better cost! We are thinking about painting the entire interior of our home this summer (I'm kind of dreading it) and I'll for sure reach for KILZ®  See how it does on the walls in the bathroom below!
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Master Bathroom Refresh

Our home was built in 2007, we moved in 2 years ago, and I'm pretty sure the walls haven't been painted since it was built. The walls of the entire home are a neutral brown and to be honest I'm so sick of brown!! I was so happy to repaint the master bath in a clean fresh off white.
You can see in these photos that the walls of the bathroom really were in dire need of a new coat of paint. Water spots around the tub and shower looked terrible.

 I chose cottage white, a warm off white with yellow hues in it. It is incredible how much brighter the bathroom is! I used a satin finish in the KILZ COMPLETE COAT™ at Walmart. I am super happy with how the paint went on with beautiful coverage and a great finish.
 I've used several brands of paint and primer in one and the KILZ COMPLETE COAT™ holds up to its competitors at a better price! I will definitely use it going forward, and I have a lot of painting ahead of me.
 I used small touches of green and blue for decorating and love the natural, warm and fresh feel to the bathroom. I also replaced the light bulbs over the sink with daylight bulbs instead of soft glow. It's SO much brighter and better for doing my makeup. We are lucky to get some great natural light to the bathroom but on a cloudy day these bulbs really make it feel like the sun is shining.
 Have you repainted a room lately? What color did you choose? I'm SO in love with gray and white but as you can see my tile, trim and cabinets are all very warm shades of beige. Gray just wasn't going to work. I was looking for a quick refresh not a renovation and the cottage white KILZ® paint was just the ticket to making me love this room!
 Fake greenery really helps give the room a happy and clean feel. Do you have real plants in your bathroom? I do on my main floor but I just knew real plants would be too much upkeep for me anywhere else in my house.
 I decided to make some wall art for my bathroom wall. Using "Lather, Rinse, Repeat" adds a little bit of fun to the wall. Add small decorations, wall art and of course the fresh coat of paint totally transformed my bathroom!
I have some of this warm white left over- about half a gallon and I'm sure I'll use it for other projects around my house.  What room in your house needs a fresh coat of paint? I'd love to hear in the comments or on Instagram (@handmadeintheheartland) or facebook!
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