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Flavor of Kansas City at Worlds of Fun

For the first two weekends in June Worlds of Fun has a special food & drink event called "Flavor of Kansas City" happening! I went yesterday with my best friend and our kids and we had a blast! This post is sponsored by my friends at Worlds of Fun. All opinions are honestly my own. 
What's better than a fun filled family day at Worlds of Fun in Kansas City? A fun filled day at Worlds of Fun WITH really amazing food. The flavor of Kansas City is well worth the ticket price for this food and drink special event happening right now! 

Yesterday was a hot day in KC and although we wished we had worn our swimsuits and jumped into Oceans of Fun we had a blast with our little kids at Planet Snoopy and eating our way through the Flavor of KC event. 
When you get to the park head back to the Steelhawk (the big tall ride) and you'll find the above booth to get started. You can purchase a lanyard with punchcard and then walk around to each of the stations and eat! 
The picture above is the list of items you'll get when visiting all the different booths for food. It's not called flavor of KC for nothin'! The food is delicious and very bbq focused, I mean we are the best in the world at bbq!
Your first stop is burnt ends. You'll get an entire plate of delicious bite sized pieces of burnt ends smothered in an award winning bbq sauce. My son was in heaven as you can see in the pic below. 
Next up is a gourmet chicken wing station with 3 different sauces to choose from to have your fresh grilled chicken wing doused in. yum. We moved on to bbq burgers, fresh corn on the cob and a glorious KC strip appetizer with a brandy demi glace sauce. ahmazing! 
Meat-eaters rejoice, this event is for you! There are also beverage stations with each food stop and you can get lemonade or a variety of different alcoholic beverages. Two drinks per food station- totally worth the ticket price!
I love how they have cocktail tables set up throughout the event area to stand and eat at. 
Below is that strip steak appetizer I told you about. It was delicious! 
And to finish it off they have a pie pop station. TOTALLY loved it! There were 3 different flavors to choose from: cherry, peach and apple. The server at the station was so creative making designs on the pie pops with icing. So fun! 
If you're like us we have season tickets to the park, we got them to have a fun family event to do on the regular this summer. We've already been 4 times and my kids are loving it. This event was a nice surprise for the adults, I love that the park did something so classy and delicious to get me excited to go to the park this weekend. 
Let's face it most of the time I'm there with my kiddos and running from ride to ride, which is great, that's what parents do! However, having fun additions to my theme park family day like Flavor of KC made it even more enjoyable for me!
What do you think your favorite food station would be? You know what mine was- pie pops! I'm a sucker for dessert!
Can I just say how much I love planet snoopy. Rarely a line, a ton of fun rides for toddlers to early elementary all in one spot. THANK YOU!
And of course, it's always more fun with friends! So glad I got to spend a day with my bestie!

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