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Relief Sociey Camp Out

Last Friday i planned (with the help of others) a camp out for our ward relief society.  It was such a fun event. I was so happy with our large attendance and i think everyone who came had a great time. I love planning events and i love all the little details that make everything cute.  We planned dinner, a craft for everyone to make, minute to win it games and then a fireside. Click through to see more photos!

The event was hosted at our friend's house who has the perfect yard and patio space to host a campout and she has a grill so we did more "modern" camping food, if you will.  We grilled bbq chicken and put it on cobb salads, and had some great sides- baked beans, fruit salad and potato salads.  My friend Margaret made 4 delicious cobblers in dutch ovens and we ate S'mores later on in the evening after the fireside.  It was a little hotter than i would have liked so i printed the agenda for the evening and the lyrics for our opening fireside song on card stock and then stapled them to paint stir sticks so they could act as fans. I used THIS tutorial for the tassel garland, which was super easy to make and i thought looked adorable. The print i used for the agenda/fans is a tribal print i designed and you can download it HERE for free.  We made cute washer necklaces which i will be putting a tutorial up tomorrow for.  The minute to win it games were so fun, you can see the entire list of games on the show's site HERE.   What are some of your favorite large group activities?  

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