Cream Cheese Christmas Tree Appetizer - Handmade in the Heartland

Cream Cheese Christmas Tree Appetizer

Cream Cheese Christmas Tree

Are you going to a holiday party this week? I'm excited to be going out with some friends to grab dessert, normally throw a girls night Christmas party but this year time got away from me and so we opted to just enjoy dessert out, i'm excited to have have some time with friends. If i were going to a party and was asked to bring an appetizer i would totally bring this adorable Christmas tree cream cheese dip.  Its SO easy, because honestly who has a whole afternoon to make an appetizer this time of year?! 

This is what your gonna do- cut your block of cream cheese diagonally and then flip one of the triangles to make a tree.  Grab a green bell pepper and cut a star shape out of one of the sides.  Pour some red pepper jelly over the cream cheese (i just purchased a jar at the grocery store, but if you have a homemade recipe that would be awesome too!),  place the star on top and if you're feeling up to it grab an asparagus spear, trim it to just a few inches and stick it in the bottom of the tree for a trunk.  Serve it with crackers and your done! Cute and tasty and can be done in 15 minutes, thats my type of party dish. 
Cream Cheese Christmas Tree

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