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Nutter Butter Snowmen

It's been one of those days. i just looked at my blog at 4:45pm and realized that this post went up (because i had it scheduled) and it had no text in it! We have our RS cookie exchange tonight that i'm in charge of, i'm hastily trying to get my house in tip top shape because the local newspaper is coming to do a feature on me (and family and house) and i'm also in charge of the ward party next friday.  On top of all that i took the kids to McDonalds thinking that it would be a fun little outing to get them to run some energy off at the play place and Max had a total class 5 meltdown because the football player that came in his happy meal was not the one in the plastic case (the chiefs one- who knew we had become such fans), he then proceeded to scream bloody murder until i managed to get all of his kicking and screaming almost 3 year old self into the van while also holding the almost one and half year old who def. was not done eating and totally confused about what was happening. It was a fun lunch, needless to say. So there is a lot on my plate these days, however, no excuse for this going up without any text or instructions?!  

So nutter butter snowmen, they are cute, they are easy, your kids will think its fun to make them. All you do is melt some white almond bark, dip your nutter butter into it and then smooth with a spoon, set onto a silpat or parchment paper. Then decorate before it gets to hard, mini chocolate chips for the eyes, an orange long sprinkle for the nose ( i got mine out of my halloween sprinkles. chocolate strait sprinkles for the mouth and mini m&m's for the buttons. done and done, holiday cheer! :)

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