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Construction Birthday Party

It seems like all of Max's friends were born in the last couple months because he has been going to birthday parties almost every other week, so fun for a little guy! My friend Kim threw a construction party for her son Liam and it was so adorable.  

Starting when you walked up to the front door she had balloons tied to little orange traffic cones and the front door was draped with caution tape and a "danger: construction area" sign.  She had the tables set with a full sheet of construction stickers and a cute page to make their own pictures, along with an adorable little construction worker place card.  

Construction Theme Birthday Party

The food table was adorable! She chose foods and labeled them as items that you would find at a construction site like donuts as spare tires, carrot and celery sticks as lumber and meatballs as boulders.  I really really loved her use of the metal pails as containers for food items, so cute! Instead of a cake she did "dirt cups" with chocolate pudding on the bottom and and Oreo crumbs on top and i can promise you no one was complaining! 

Construction Theme Birthday Party

That kid had a great time! :) 

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