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Christmas Cards with Minted

Sending holiday cards is a tradition I love to embrace and using Minted makes it easier and more beautiful than ever! This post is sponsored by Minted and contains affiliate links, which means that I make a small commission if you purchase something I recommend. I always recommend things that I honestly love! 
The best place for printing Christmas cards online
It's my favorite time of the year! The Christmas season is here and with that come so many family traditions. One of my favorites is sending out photo holiday cards to friends and family. Ours arrived this week and I'm always so excited to bust open the box when they arrive to see the final printed card. Christmas cards that are beautiful
Minted has been my favorite online printing source for a long time. The designs and options available are so unique and beautiful. My favorite thing might be the new option to have them address your envelopes! SERIOUSLY guys, it's amazing. Not only do I not have to figure out how to print out labels but they address them in the same style as the card, so it matches, and guess what, it's free to add this option! YES, free recipient addressing. 
where to print your Christmas cards online
I'm also a huge fan of the wrap around return address label stickers. Again, they match your card's design so everything looks so pretty! Minted offers other fun customizations like choosing a fun shape for your card, instead of the same old rectangle and the foil printed cards are gorgeous! I still can't get over the recipient addressing, it saved me so much time this year! 
Christmas cards with pre-printed recipient addresses
I have been so excited to ship these guys out, they are currently sitting in the mailbox with the flag up to be picked up by our mail carrier. I love receiving cards just as much as I love sending ours out! If you haven't ordered yours yet click HERE to head over to Minted and choose a style you love, it's harder than you thing, there are SO many beautiful designs!
the best photo holiday cards
This year I decided to use my chalkboard wall as a Christmas card display. More photos to come soon, but the simple explanation is that I just used baker's twine and tacks to make little "clothes lines" for the cards to be clothes-pinned on to. I'm loving it even with just 3 cards! 
the best site to print your photo holiday cards
Do you send out Christmas cards? I'd love to see a photo of yours! Hop over and follow me on Facebook I'm always sharing and talking with all of my facebook peeps, so join the convo!

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