Halloween Treat: Oreo Spiders - Handmade in the Heartland

Halloween Treat: Oreo Spiders

Chocolate Covered Oreo Spiders

Hi Friends! Happy Tuesday. I'm super excited to be going on KC Live again this morning in a few hours (the 10-11am hour here in KC on channel 41) and i'll have lots more to share with you later today.  I'm throwing a KC Chiefs party on the show so be sure to check back for all the recipes and DIY projects. 

So this morning I have another halloween treat for you.  These spider oreos are again an easy and fun treat to make to bring a smile to your family and friend's faces.  See all the instructions below. 

Chocolate Covered Oreo Spiders

Spider Oreos
Black Licorice, separated to single strands (i found chocolate flavored!)
Candy Eyeballs (HERE are some on amazon, or find them at your local specialty candy shoppe)
Melting Chocolate or chocolate chips 

Melt your chocolate chips or melting chocolate in the microwave in 30 second increments.  Once its melted dip your oreo in and make sure its fully coated.  Place on wax paper.  Add the eyeballs to the top and the 3 separated black licorice strands to the sides.  Let cool until set! Easy Peesy!

I hope you enjoy these, I have a lot of other Halloween recipes up on my blog including pumpkin cheesecake bars, candy witch hats and broomsticks, and a caramel apple sundae bar with lots more coming this month so be sure to add us to your reading list! Happy Halloween!

Chocolate Covered Oreo Spiders

Easy Oreo Spiders

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