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Relief Society Birthday Gift with Printable

I read THIS article that a friend of mine posted on facebook. It really made me think about how I could do better at showing each of the sisters in our ward (women in our congregation) that we, the relief society presidency, think about them often and care about them.  A birthday is a perfect moment to let each woman know that they are loved and appreciated and so at the end of last year I made a goal to do something more for birthdays.  
relief society presidency birthday gift

Then we went to Ikea and as I was perusing through the bottom floor paper goods section I spotted these darling gray striped notebooks and it came to me. Birthday journals to record and remember the year ahead.  I created a printable with Helaman 5:22 on it and tied it on with some bakers twine.  The most important part of the gift is the letter, which I am writing to each sister and trying my best to write something meaningful.  I'm hoping this little token brings smiles to the faces of the sisters in our ward. 

free printable tag for birthday gifts from RS Presidency
Are you in a Relief Society Presidency? You can download my printable HERE.
*** If you read the comments or see in the photo below that remember is spelled wrong, no need to worry I updated the file and the link above is the corrected version!

birthday gift for relief society sisters

This IKEA notebook is only $1.99, so totally doable to get for each sister.  I bought 30 of them (all they had at the time) and printed out enough tags for each one I bought.  It's so much easier to do a bunch at one that having to print out and get it ready every Sunday.  I also got a box of blank pretty printed cards (so much cheaper than actual birthday cards) that I keep next to the notebooks that I can fill out each Saturday evening. 

Relief Society Birthday Gift

I hope this helps! If you do this yourself please let me know, it makes me so happy to hear about you using the printables I have created. 

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