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Chocolate Peanut Butter Spider Web Crackers

Chocolate peanut butter spiderweb crackers make the best after school snack during the Halloween season!
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easy after school Halloween snack, peanut butter spider crackers are sure to be a hit with your kids!
How to make peanut butter spider web crackers.
If you haven’t noticed I love making Halloween treats and right now I’m all about things that are tasty and easy.  So today I have a super simple and delicious snack- chocolate peanut butter spider web crackers.  These little guys take no time at all to make and are so delicious, especially so because I used the brand new Peter Pan Simply Ground Honey Roast Peanut Butter.  This new peanut butter is creamy with a bit of crunch, so you never have to choose between creamy and crunchy again, its the perfect compromise! I’m not gonna lie, I purchased it about a week ago and we are halfway through the jar and thats mostly from me taking spoonfuls strait to my mouth- I love good peanut butter (and I’m pregnant)!

I purchased the new Simply Ground Peanut Butter at Walmart in the peanut butter aisle. With a texture just like freshly ground peanut butter, Simply Ground Peanut Butter spreads evenly on bread without tearing it, unlike some creamy and crunchy peanut butters. Simply Ground has no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives, and your whole crew will love the Simply Ground wide-mouth jar—it’s perfect for dipping and snacking! The photo below shows you an up close look at the texture, like I said its creamy with just a bit of small crunchy peanut bites throughout.

These easy spider web crackers are the best Halloween snack!
I love to save a few pennies when I’m trying something new so download a coupon for 50 cents off Simply Ground HERE.
peanut butter crackers with fresh fruit is a great after school snack for kids
I’ve got 2 recipe ideas for you today using Simply Ground- First is a healthy after school snack for your kids or just a nice pick me up afternoon snack for yourself.  Like I said I’m totally in love with this peanut butter so spreading it on round butter crackers is a no brainer. I like to chop up whatever fruit I have on hand and after spreading the cracker with peanut butter top it with some fruit.
Get creative with after school snacks for kids with peanut butter and fruit!
Today I did strawberries, apples & pomegranate seeds but almost any fruit you can think of would work just as great- my kids love bananas and peanut butter together. There is something so fun with bite sized snacks that even my kids can be tricked into eating more fruit and less junk!
How to make delicious after school snacks
My second recipe with Simply Ground Peanut Butter is a fun Halloween treat! These spider web crackers are so simple and fun and your kids can even join in and help you make them.
All you need is Simply Ground Peanut Butter, round butter crackers, & chocolate chips.  You’ll need a ziplock bag, scissors & a toothpick as well.
How to make easy spider crackers for Halloween
Step 1: Spread your Simple Ground Peanut Butter on your crackers.
simple step by step tutorial shows you how to make peanut butter spider crackers for Halloween
Step 2: Melt 1/2 cup of chocolate chips in your microwave in 30 second increments, stirring after each time.  Once your chocolate is completely melted spoon it into a ziplock bag and push it to one of the corners. (see the photo below) Cut a tiny bit of the corner of the bag so you have a makeshift pastry bag that you will squirt the chocolate out of.
Spider crackers for Halloween are easy and so cute!
Step 3: With your melted chocolate draw a bullseye on each cracker.  (See photo below)
Easy to make spider web crackers for a Halloween after school snack
Step 4: Using a toothpick start in the center of the bullseye and drag your toothpick to the outside circle creating your web lines. Do this all the way around the cracker 6-8 times. (see photo below) After you have made all the spider web lines pop the crackers in the fridge for a few minutes so the chocolate hardens up a bit, Enjoy!
A super easy Halloween party snack, these chocolate peanut butter spider web crackers are perfect!
If you make these chocolate peanut butter spider web crackers please let me know! I love to see it when you make recipes from the blog! Share it with me in the comments or tag me on Instagram (@handmadeintheheartland) or facebook! Here are some tools that might make your life easier in the kitchen!
easy, delicious and simple these chocolate peanut butter spider web crackers are delicious!
If you enjoyed this post share it! The below image is perfect to add to your Pinterest board and save for coming back again later 😉
This simple step by step tutorial shows you how to make an easy Halloween snack of chocolate peanut butter spider crackers.


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