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DIY Tablet Stand

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DIY Tablet Stand
10 years ago everyone looked at cookbooks when they were cooking didn’t they? How many times a week do you look through cookbooks? I bet the answer is 1 or less, am I right? I’m always using my Intel tablet or laptop to pull up recipes and because I just got a brand new laptop for Christmas I’m paranoid about touching it while I’m cooking. In walks my handy dandy Intel tablet that is a great medium size to read with, take everywhere and is still great for reading recipes while I cook.  I wanted a stand to place it on so with help from my awesome hubs we made this cute chalkboard tablet stand.

DIY Tablet Stand
I found the DIY tablet stand instructions on Shanty 2 Chic and with a few pieces of wood from Home Depot, some wood glue and clamps it easily came together.  After painting the stand coral I used chalkboard paint in the middle, so not only is it functional but it’s cute when its not in use.
DIY Tablet Stand
We are all completely obsessed with chalkboards and rightfully so, they are just too fun! I love this reminder in my kitchen, although a lot of days I’ll argue that a cupcake is very very good food. 😉
DIY Tablet Stand
How do you look up recipes? What do you use while you are cooking? I hate loose extra papers with a passion so I’m totally a fan of the digital age and not printing out every recipe that I love, how much do you love pinterest and the ability to keep everything in beautiful little pinboards?! Like I said I love to look up my recipes on my ASUS Intel Tablet, check out Intel Tablets and find one thats right for you!

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