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Do it Yourself Locker Frame & Magnets

do it yourself locker frame and magnets
My sister who is 14 is totally obsessed with one direction.  She’s going to the concert next week and she’s not even going to school that day because she “wouldn’t be able to concentrate”, the truth is she’s probably going to bribe some unsuspecting parent to take her and her friend to the hotel where they are staying (because somehow she figures this stuff out) and wait outside for hours just to get an up close glimpse of these guys.  She totally makes me laugh when she talks about them or when I walk in to her room and see the photos plastered over the walls, and it makes me relive my nsync fan days.  I mean I don’t think I was quite as obsessed, but maybe close. Anyhow you might remember THIS post about decorating her locker, after that post went up my friends at fox4 asked me to do a locker decorating segment on the morning show (it will air tomorrow or wednesday) and so I added this do it yourself locker frame and magnets to the already awesome locker lookz collection.  Super simple and totally customizable this project will be fun for any teen. 

do it yourself locker frame and magnets
I love when I get all the supplies for a project at one place! I found everything I needed at hobby lobby, I’m sure any other craft store would have everything too, but I can say for sure that hobby lobby as everything!
Clear pebbles/stones 
Mod Podge
Paint brush
Small Frame (2×3)
Hot Glue Gun & Glue
do it yourself locker frame and magnets
For the frame all I did was pull off the frame stand and then hot glue 3 magnets on the back.  I made sure that I did not place glue anywhere that would prevent me from opening up the back of the frame to change out the picture.  I added 3 magnets because the frame I chose was pretty heavy, so you may not need as many or you may need more.
For the pebble magnets you will want to cut your photos so they are the size of the pebbles.  I just used photos I found in bop magazine (lets not talk about how awkward I felt purchasing a bop magazine) and cut them so they were the size of the pebbles I bought.  Mine were about 1″ round.  To attach the photos to the pebble I painted a thin layer of mod podge onto the pebble and then placed the photo on it, pressing down to adhere.  The last step is to attach the magnet with a glue gun. SO easy and like I said so customizable! 
do it yourself locker frame and magnets
The options are endless with lockers, all you need to do is grab a pack of plain magnets from the craft store and your glue gun and you can create custom do it yourself locker decor in just a few minutes!

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