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Dosing Guide for Children’s Medicine

This post discusses how to give the proper dose of medicine to your child as well as how Children’s Mercy Hospital is researching more in depth ways on how to determine drug dosing for children. This post is sponsored by Children’s Mercy, I am part of the Children’s Mercy Moms Team!

how to correctly dose over the counter children's medicine

It’s almost inevitable that someone in our home is going to come down with a bug, a fever, a cough or a cold during the winter months. I have at times found it somewhat confusing on what dose of over the counter medicine to give to my kids. Until my pediatrician gave me a detailed dosing guide I was going off the the package instructions, which at times were on the box that I had thrown away!

how much medicine do I give my child?
I now keep this handy dosing guide in my newly re-organized medicine cabinet. I made one for you, just print it out HERE.
Easy free printable document with guides for children's over the counter medication
If you have children taking prescription medication you are clearly not the one deciding on that dose, and I love that the doctors at Children’s Mercy hospital are actively researching dosing and how it effects our kids. The “Goldilocks” approach of getting it “just right” in the case of administering medication is at the core of Children’s Mercy expertise. Every employee is trained to treat kids, which includes specific knowledge for prescribing the right amount, frequency and regimen for any medication or treatment. Whether it’s treating leukemia or addressing the common cold this winter, it’s important for medical professionals and parents alike to consider the importance of dosing effectively.
Organizing home medicine cabinet ideas

Currently, Children’s Mercy is exploring a new platform, aptly called GOLDILOKs, that helps doctors find the right dose for treating leukemia, ADHD and other medical diagnoses. The platform integrates patients’ medical records to provide real-time results, allowing physicians to simulate a dose based on the desired effect for the patient. This model is being applied to studying cardiology drugs, asthma histamine treatment and more.

how to organize your medicine cabinet

As Steven Leeder, director of clinical pharmacology and therapeutic innovation for Children’s Mercy, says, “(We’re) interested in making medications more effective for kids. People try to scale adult data for kids. … How would you scale a dose from a 70-kilogram adult to a 1-year-old?”

medicine cabinet organization with kids medicine

Additionally, physicians at Children’s Mercy are involved in the American Academy of Pediatrics Committee on Drugs and work closely with the FDA, NIH and CDC in issues related to drugs in children. The Committee on Drugs reviews all aspects of pediatric pharmacology including drug indications, contraindications, absorption rates, routes of administration, dosing, use of precautions and mode of action as they apply to children. The Committee also advises the Board of Directors in matters related to drug labeling, safety and efficacy for both prescription and over-the-counter drugs monitors federal legislation related to the drug approval process and promotes the need for expanded pediatric drug trials.

Organized Medicine Cabinet
This is my newly re-organized medicine cabinet. The before was a big huge hot mess of large bins with everything thrown in. It was kind of a nightmare whenever we needed something because we had to go digging and if you’ve got a sick kid in the middle of the night that is not what you want to be doing!
All my bins are from the dollar tree and I labeled them with vinyl letters that I cut out with my Cricut Explore. I also put a lock on the cabinet since it’s within reach of the kids. How do you organize yoru medicine? I’d love to know! Leave a comment or tag me on Instagram (@HANDMADEINTHEHEARTLAND) OR FACEBOOK!
Home Medicine Cabinet
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