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Easy Turkey Book Craft

This easy turkey book craft is a quick project to do with your kids this Thanksgiving.

instructions for making an simple Thanksgiving craft for kids
We have some amazing mothers on the PTA at our elementary school and this is what all the kids made for the craft during their fall party last week. It’s so simple that you probably have all the supplies at home already. It’s a quick easy way to keep the kids occupied while the adults are in the kitchen this Thanksgiving.

How to make a turkey thankful book

2 brown paper lunch sacks
scrapbooking paper
orange & red paper
googly eyes
white school glue or glue stick

The easiest Thanksgiving craft

1. Place the two lunch sacks on top of each other and then fold them in half. Staple them together on the fold. Now you have a “spine” to your book.
2. Cut out the feathers and then glue them to the back of the book so they stick out the top and are visible from the front.
3. Glue the face onto the front. If you don’t have googley eyes or the right color paper just have your kids draw the face on!
4. Have the write or draw what they are grateful for inside!

how to make an easy thanksgiving craft for kids

If you are coming over from seeing this craft of Fox4 here are some of the other fun ideas I showed in the Thanksgiving segment.

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