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Get It Done!

Our Bedroom after the paint job with cute new bedding from Target! i still have a lot of details to consider to finish the room- curtains, wall decor, paint a bookshelf, etc. but i’m LOVING the results already! Below is the nursery with the new color. It’s called Robin’s Nest by Benjamin Moore and it’s so perfect i can’t stand it. i can’t wait to start decorating!

So i read this little blurb in the Ensign a few years ago and it stuck with me. It was about some mom’s who all got together once a week, rotated houses and helped each other get projects done that needed more than 1 person. So finally i got around to emailing out to some friends and we decided we would start our own Get It Done Group. So far we met to have lunch once to decide on the schedule- set the dates and make sure everyone would be able to come every time, and then we have successfully done 2 houses so far.
There are 6 of us and 3 kids (a lot of the kids are in school) so one of us always does child care while the other 5 do the project. We meet for 3 hours on the scheduled Wednesday- 9-noon. You would be amazed at what 5 people can get done in 3 hours, its so incredible. Last Wednesday we painted my nursery, guest bedroom and master bedroom. We would have totally finished my master had i not ran out of paint, but it only took me an hour to finish it off by myself. All in all what would have taken Matt and i at least a whole weekend took only 3 hours! We also did Sam’s house where we recovered her dining room chairs and painted her bathroom and this week we go to Margaret’s to do yard work.
Here are some photos from our endeavors. 🙂

At Sam’s:

Before Chair Covering:

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.