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Halloween Treats: Candy Frankensteins

Ok. I’m not gonna lie i did not make these, my mom did, and are they not the cutest guys ever?! I’m pretty sure they took her some time to create, but the time put in def. paid off, don’t you think?
So here are your supplies:
Mini Reese’s
Green icing
black licorice, peeled so they are individual strands
candy eyeballs- like the ones HERE
black gel icing
This little project takes some creativity, its not a science, but here are some basic instructions.  Break your kit-kats apart into single pieces.  Cover the top half with green icing, and add your reese’s mini cups to the tops for the top of the head. Pop the eyeballs on and cut up small pieces of the licorice to make the mouth and out the sides of the head. Use the gel icing to make the stitch marks at the top of the head.
Happy Thursday friends! This afternoon i take off to San Francisco and i’m soooo excited. Getting on a plane without children?! i can read a book or just sleep!! Tomorrow i have a fabulous KC restaurant review that is already scheduled and then check back next week to see more Halloween treats and all the updates from my trip!


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