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Host a Neighborhood Food Drive

Hosting a neighborhood food drive for Harvesters, or the food bank in your area, is simple with these tips and tricks! This post is sponsored by Harvesters, the community food network.
Thanksgiving week is upon us and we are all reflecting on the many blessings we are so grateful for. I love this time of year and I love the grateful and giving spirit that fills the holiday season. Many of us are blessed with an abundance of food on our Thanksgiving tables and have the opportunity to bless others, it’s the perfect time to host a food drive for Harvesters! Coordinating a food drive can be fun, rewarding and easier than you think. I recently hosted a neighborhood food drive and I’ve got some tips on how you can too!
This is a perfect service activity you can do as a family. Have your kids help you flyer the neighborhood and then collect food and organize it as it comes in. These are simple tasks even small children can do to help others!

3 Tips for Coordinating  Neighborhood Food Drive

1. Get the word out. Does your neighborhood have a Facebook page? ours does and it is so helpful! So if your neighborhood doesn’t I highly recommend it! I first posted on the facebook page with an image to the flyer I made letting neighbors know how they could get items to me (drop off or text me to pick up) and the deadline for donating food. You can also print out the flyers and stick them on neighbors doors.
I’ve included the basic flyer below for you to print out for free. Download it and then you can add your own information below the most needed items. Download it HERE.
2. Know what the pantry needs. For those in the Kansas City area this is easy, I’ve done the work for you! The flyer above has the most needed items for Harvesters.  I encouraged neighbors to donate those items by listing them everywhere that I had info for the drive.
3. Remind, Remind, Remind. It’s a busy time of year and people forget. Do some reminders the few days before your deadline and make it easy for people to drop off the items or have you come pick them up on their door.
If you’re thinking bigger than your neighborhood, maybe your heading up the food drive at the elementary school or church? Be sure to download Harvesters Food Drive Kit HERE.
After you’ve collected the donated food items deliver them to Harvesters! If you don’t have a car full you can always drop your items in the blue barrels at Price Chopper stores. Have you coordinated a food drive before? Tell me who you organized it with and how much food you ended up donating in the comments or tag me on Instagram (@handmadeintheheartland) or facebook!


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catherine Lutz

Tuesday 1st of December 2020

Hi the flyer won't download for me. Can you attach the sample copy to my work email?

thank you!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.