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Relief Society Service Auction

Last Thursday i helped put on the annual service auction at church.  It is one of our most anticipated and well attended activities, and rightly so, its so fun! Here is how it works, everyone attending should bring a “service” – anything from a chocolate cake, cute hair bows, freezer meals, or any other ready-made thing OR a service that will be performed at a later date for example : “babysitting for 2 hours” or “I will bring you dinner and dessert on a night of your choice”.

The next part is important, there is NO money exchanged!  Upon arriving at the auction everyone receives a questionnaire.  Each question is worth a certain number of points, for instance, “Did you brush your teeth today?” (5 points) or “Did you go to the temple this month?” (20 points), and then those points are used to bid on items. 

Here is the poster i made
Chalkboard Poster
Keep Reading for more details! 

We decorated with 4 large simple poster prints that i designed and you can download for free.  Just click on the following names of each poster they are sized 20″ x 30″ : Love is spoken here, Have I done any good, We Believe in Christ, Families are Forever.  If you print them out at Office Max on the blueprint printer they are only $2.50 each!  We used black tablecloths and then cream and black & polka dot runners, our centerpieces were the auction “paddles” made out of chip board shapes that we sprayed with chalkboard paint and then taped them to dowels.  I made a pennant banner out of the same fabric as the runners that i strung behind the food tables.   
Black and Cream Polka dot party decor
Here are some photos of all the different items that were auctioned off.  There were some really awesome things! It was a super fun night as always! 
Service Auction Items

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.