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Show Me Your Space: Rustic Custom Home

I really love to see inside other peoples homes, don’t you? Maybe I’m nosy but considering the amount of home decor magazines and pinterest pins on the topic I’m fairly certain I’m not the only one. My husband owns a pest control company here in Kansas City and although he has a team of technicians that actually do the servicing he often runs out and does a few services every day, so he’s in people’s homes a lot. He will often come home and tell me about some awesome house or perfect layout that he serviced and so about a month ago I told him to approach anyone whose home was super cool and ask if I could feature them on the blog.  The next week he ran down to this gorgeous rustic custom home and asked the owner if she would mind sharing her space with us.  She said yes and I’m so excited to show you all inside this gorgeous space with all the rustic details. Here we go…

The outside of the home has some tudor style finishes and a lovely front porch that sets the mood for the rest of the home. I love the spires that top the home and the large globe light fixtures that flank the front door.
When you enter the home you are greeted by a warm expanse of beautiful reclaimed wood details.  The floors are just gorgeous and the wood beams that create the doorways and ceiling accents are grand and add the perfect rustic feeling.  The wood is actually all reclaimed, contrary to what the builder wanted to do which was use new wood and make it look old, these homeowners made the firm decision to use gorgeous real reclaimed wood pieces.
The living room is one of my favorite rooms of this home.  I love the tall ceilings and grand fireplace that makes a beautiful statement piece to the room.  Notice that against the gorgeous stone fireplace the homeowners chose to use another piece of reclaimed wood for the mantel to highlight the rest of the beams used throughout the upstairs.
The living room opens up to the kitchen, one of my favorite features of a home is an open concept with living and kitchen spaces, and is unique and beautiful.  I love the brick floors, stone detail over the stove and large center island.  The ceiling is also a beautiful feature with reclaimed wood and iron lighting fixtures.
As you look at the photos you can see that every detail was considered and their style and aesthetic is prominent throughout the entire home.  In the photos below you can see the two “mudroom” features that greet them as they enter through the garage.  I just love all the storage and the “command” center with a bulletin board and calendar for organizing a busy family schedule. The pantry is also a perfect space with counter for a coffee bar a little window for natural light and 2 doors so you can enter from either the kitchen or mudroom area.  What beautiful and practical details that make everyday living in a home highly functional.
The stairs going down to the basement are just gorgeous. All the wood trim in the home is unstained and Kris the homeowner has a routine of cleaning and waxing it during the year. Again to keep the rustic feel they chose to keep the wood natural and accentuate the irregularities with wax.
As I was touring this home I noticed the door frames are beautifully simplistic and would be a perfect DIY project.  To compliment the rustic style they just took wood planks, nailed them in and then a small trim around those pieces, they left the nail holes visible and again the wood unstained to keep up with their aesthetic.  How easy and perfect for a rustic home!
The basement is a beautiful large space for gathering friends and family and also contains the 3 bedrooms for their children. The family’s love of sports comes through while still maintaining their already clear design style.
A truly unique and fun feature of this home is the indoor basketball court that they created under the garage.  What a great place for kids to play, teenagers to practice and friends to come over and enjoy!
I’m so grateful to the family for allowing me to come in and photograph the home and share it with all of you, it is truly a gorgeous space. Do you have a unique home? I’d love to feature it here on Handmade in the Heartland.  Leave a comment and let me know!


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.