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The best batman toys

This big list of our favorite batman toys is perfect for kids ages 2-8. This post contains affiliate links. We have a lot of toys in our house. I sometimes look around and think “How in the world did this happen?!” However, I am grateful when I purchase, or we receive toys, that stand the test of time, or a few years at least!

I have to give Imaginext a huge thumbs up for the following toy list. We have most of the items pictured (I told you we have so many toys!) but the honest to goodness truth is that Max started receiving these toys for his 3rd birthday and he still plays with them. He keeps them all together and builds little “sets” of batman world. I love that the characters that come with the different vehicles are the same and can fit into all the different toys. None of the pieces are teeny tiny which is always a good thing when you have a 1 year old running around with the big kids.

Here’s a list of our favorite, and in my book, the best batman toys!

1.Transforming Batcave I think this might be Max’s favorite.
4.Gotham City Jail
6.Batman & Robin with batmobile and motorcycle

1. Heroes & Villians character set (catwoman)
3.Penguin Copter
4.Batman and Batcycle
5.Heroes & Villians character set (joker)
6.Batbot A tie between this and the Batcave for favorite toy- This one is remote controlled, it wheels around and shoots discs when you trigger it to.

The truth is Batman is a classic and he’s not going anywhere. These toys are solid and can totally handle being played with for years. I think pretty much any kid who likes batman is going to enjoy playing with these toys. I am surprised Max still enjoys them as much as he does. Yay for toys that stand the test of time!!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.