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The Ultimate Kid Emergency Car Kit

the Ultimate Kid Emergency Car Kit
So I finally did this and it feel so good.  Let me tell you when your kid pees all over the floor at chick-fil-a and you don’t have a change of clothes in the car you feel a little desperate.  Yes you read that right my kid peed all over the floor in chick-fil-a, ug lets not relive that please. Anyway I had been thinking for a while I needed some type of car kit because I’m past the point of carrying a huge diaper bag with the world in it, I hate carrying a heavy bag.  So last week I put this kit together and just having it in the back of my van makes me feel good. So here is what I keep in the ultimate kid emergency car kit…

1. A change of clothes for each kid with two pair of undies per kid.

the Ultimate Kid Emergency Car Kit
2. Snacks. Lots of snacks.  I put in some apple juice bottles and I also need to pick up a few water bottles as well. I hate when we run to the park for only a little trip but someone else’s awesome mom has snacks and I don’t. Now I will never be that mom again!
the Ultimate Kid Emergency Car Kit
3. Scissors.  Because they always come in handy and because I read a horror story about how a little girl got caught in a car seat and almost died. so keep scissors incase you need to cut the car seat and save your child’s life!
4. Sunscreen. I love the sticks for faces and the spray for bodies
5. Bandaids. I have a first aid kit that’s also in the van so these are just extra.
6. Duct tape.  Because you never know. 🙂
the Ultimate Kid Emergency Car Kit
7. Wipes, wipes, wipes and more wipes. Baby wipes, hand wipes, clorox wipes. You know because kids make messes.
8. Extra diapers if you have kids in diapers
9. Kleenex packages.  I hate it when I have a runny nose or even worse my kid is running around with snot hanging out and I have nothing to wipe it with. yuck.
the Ultimate Kid Emergency Car Kit
(Not pictured)
10. Gallon size ziplock bags.  Because sometimes I feel like I keep ziplock in business.
11. Bath or Beach towel.  How many times have you needed one of those? rainy day? puddles?
12. Roll of paper towels.
What else would you put in it? I would so love to hear your suggestions!

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