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Valentine Strawberry Crepe Cake

Valentine Strawberry Crepe Cake Recipe
I mean. Have. You. Ever?! I had an idea like 6 months ago to do a ombre crepe cake and Valentine’s Day seemed like the perfect excuse.  We make crepes (and when I say we I mean my husband, the crepe master) every Saturday morning.  Matt’s mom is the master who taught my master and they were a breakfast standard in their house growing up.  I love them but for the life of me can’t get the wrist rotation down to spread the batter around the pan evenly, dagnabit! So Matt makes the crepes in our house and he was so kind to indulge me and make me 20 extra crepes in 3 different shades of pink so I could create this epic valentine strawberry crepe cake!

Valentine Strawberry Crepe Cake Recipe
He makes the batter in a blender, its super simple only 3 ingredients- eggs, flour and milk.  Once the batter was made I divided it up into 3 bowls and put different amounts of red food coloring in them to create the ombre shades.  If I was to do this again I would probably only do 2 shades, I just didn’t think once the crepes were made that there was enough difference between the two lighter shads. I also learned that the crepes come out much darker than the color of the batter.
Valentine Strawberry Crepe Cake Recipe
A good saute pan is the perfect tool for making crepes.  The wrist rotation once you pour the batter in the pan shouldn’t be difficult, and its not for most people, I just can’t get it down and when you have a crepe master in the house there is no reason to practice. 😉
Valentine Strawberry Crepe Cake Recipe
If you are intimidated by the crepe cake or don’t have time to make it you can always whip up just enough crepes to enjoy for breakfast, I like to fill them with strawberry jam and whipped cream and then fold them into triangles.  It makes me feel fancy.
Valentine Strawberry Crepe Cake Recipe
To assemble the crepe cake I layered a crepe, then a layer of strawberry jam with a thick layer of fresh whipped cream on top of that, repeated 20 times. You can read all my tips for making whipped cream HERE.
Valentine Strawberry Crepe Cake Recipe
To make breakfast extra lovely for Valentines Day I used a sharp paring knife and made my strawberries into hearts.  I cut them in half so the back side is flat and then trimmed around the edges to make a heart.
Valentine Strawberry Crepe Cake Recipe
I was so nervous to cut into that thing, I mean 20 layers! I might have cried had it all come falling down.  However using a sharp serrated knife (like the bread knife in your knife set) did the trick and it wasn’t difficult at all.
Valentine Strawberry Crepe Cake Recipe
I layered the lighter crepes on the bottom and then darker ones on top, I love the look of ombre pink. You might remember my valentine ombre sugar wafer cookies I did a few years ago, I just love pink for Valentines Day!
Valentine Strawberry Crepe Cake Recipe
What will you be making this coming Sunday? I love celebrating Valentines with my kids and of course my husband, I love holidays in general. This year I’m excited because my dad, stepmom and sister will be in town so I’m going to have a nice dinner using my china in our dining room for everyone. I’ll share all the details next week! Have fun planning your own Valentine weekend!
Valentine Strawberry Crepe Cake Recipe
Valentine Strawberry Crepe Cake

by Handmade in the Heartland


    For the Crepes

    • 4 eggs
    • 1 1/2 cups whole milk
    • 1 – 1 1/2 cups flour

    For the Filling

    • Strawberry Jam
    • Whipped Cream
    • Strawberries
    1. Make the crepe batter in a blender. First add the eggs and the milk and 1 cup of flour. Blend it until its all incorporated, you want the blender to make cyclone in the middle of the batter while its blending. If there is not enough flour the batter will bubble while blending, so after adding 1 cup add up to a 1/2 cup more to get the cyclone action happening. If it gets too thick add a little bit more milk.
    2. Once your batter is complete separate it into bowls and add food coloring to your liking. I added 8 drops of red to the darker color and 5 and 3 drops to the lighter colors.
    3. To make your crepes heat a saute pan over medium-high heat and spray with non-stick cooking spray. Pour enough batter in the pan to thinly coat the entire bottom of the pan. Swirl it around to create an even crepe. Cook until it looks dry on top and the edges start to peel upward, about 30 seconds to a minute. Flip and cook on the reverse side for another 30 or so seconds and then remove from the heat.
    4. Once you’ve made all your crepes layer them as follows to create the cake: crepe, strawberry jam, thick layer of whipped cream. I used an off-set spatula to spread the jam and whipped cream and it makes all the difference!
    5. Top with sliced strawberries and enjoy!
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    Valentine Strawberry Crepe Cake Recipe

    If you use make the crepe cake please let me know! I love to see it when you make things from the blog! Share it with me in the comments or tag me on Instagram (@handmadeintheheartland) or facebook! Need to save the recipe for later? Pin the image below!

    Valentine Strawberry Crepe Cake Recipe

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