DIY Magnetic Makeup Board - Handmade in the Heartland

DIY Magnetic Makeup Board

DIY Magnetic Makeup Board

Hey Friends! awhile ago i showed the magnetic makeup board i made and promised a tutorial that i never delivered- bad blogger! So today i will rectify that. When i was in Nashville last week my sister wanted to make one so i helped her and i think it turned out so cute.  So here it goes...

DIY Magnetic Makeup Board Supplies

DIY Magnetic Makeup Board

Picture Frame
Hot Glue Gun
Thin Metal Sheet
Tin Snips
Decorative Paper (we used wrapping paper)

DIY Magnetic Makeup Board Tutorial

1. First take your picture frame and remove the glass and back.  Measure the back of the frame and then mark your metal sheet with a sharpie to the same measurements so it will fit in to your frame.
2. Using tin snips cut the metal to size.
3. Measure your paper to the same size as the metal and cut. When i made my board i used fabric as the backing but i prefer paper because it doesn't wrinkle up when you move around your makeup. Attach the paper to the metal, i used double stick tape so it can be removed and changed out every now and then.  If you want a more permanent solution you could use spray adhesive to attach the paper to the metal.  Then put the metal in the frame and the back on and viola your done with that part!
4 & 5.  Now using hot glue attach your magnets to your makeup.  The hot glue does much better if the surface is clean, so i used a wet wipe to wipe down the area where i would be putting the magnets.

I love my makeup board because it keeps everything in view and frees up my very limited bathroom drawer space. It's a pretty simple project and you can get everything you need at hobby lobby (thats where we shopped).  Happy Monday- make something!

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