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Cute and Comfortable Boots by ABEO at The Walking Company

This post is sponsored by ABEO®, all opinions are my own.  Finding shoes that are comfortable, supportive and cute is easy with shoes from ABEO® at The Walking Company.

The Walking Company in Kansas City at the Country Club Plaza

This summer my feet hurt, like really, really hurt. Every morning I would get out of bed and as soon as my feet touched the ground I had searing pain that went through the middle and heel of my foot. I had never dealt with foot pain before so this was totally new to me. The only thing that helped ease the pain throughout the day was wearing custom inserts in my tennis shoes. In. the. summer. Who wants to wear socks in the summer?! 

Every time I thought it was getting better I would wear a pair of flip flops and by the end of the day my feet would be screaming at me. So I was back to my sneakers. If only I had done some research this summer and found ABEO earlier. After a little internet research I realized I had plantar fasciitis and learned that the high arch of my foot needed custom insoles and adequate support to keep the pain subsided. 

The most annoying thing about having foot pain issues and always having to wear inserts is switching them out from shoe to shoe. I was thrilled to find out that ABEO shoes have built in arch support in varying heights so I don’t have to switch out insoles every time I change shoes!

ABEO shoes are sold at The Walking Company so I visited my local store to pick out a pair and try them out. I was looking for a new fall short boot. I had looked online and was excited when the pair I had liked the most online was in the store. I tried on several other pairs of ABEO shoes including a cute sneaker that I almost went with.

ABEO at The Walking Company ABEO custom fitting for arch support at The Walking Company

At The Walking Company they have the coolest technology to fit you for your specific arch height. With the help of a store associate you walk across a pad and it shows on a screen what portion of your foot touches the ground, it utilizes state-of-the-art 3D scanning technology to determine your arch type and match your foot type to your ABEO footwear choice. If you’ve ever wondered why shoes aren’t fitting you correctly or why your feet hurt you should head to your local The Walking Company store and have a custom fitting. 

My feet have grown 2 sizes since I had kids, isn’t that so strange?! Did your feet get bigger after having children? That was a side effect I was totally not expecting! It’s a totally inconvenient because so many shoes I had pre-pregnancy are not wearable anymore and I needed some good fall black boots.

Cute black fall boots with a fall outfit

As I learned this summer having the correct support in my shoes is critical for my feet, and honestly my life. Who wants to walk around with foot pain all day?! I love my new ABEO black fall boots, they are so cute have the correct arch support so my feet don’t hurt and match with everything. I’m impressed with the top quality, genuine leather, and I’m sure I’ll have these boots for years to come.

low black fall leather boots with silver buckles Fun denim and black fall outfit with short fall leather boots low fall leather boots at the Walking Company







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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.