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Max’s Favorite Toddler Toys

9 Fantastic Toddler toys your kids will love! This post contains affiliate links. 
I had a friend text me around Christmas time to do a post on our favorite toys and I’m just now getting around to it. I have a love hate relationship with toys, I know they are essential, that my kids really enjoy them and spend time playing with them but I hate the space they take up, the fact that my almost three year old will never put them away on his own and that I cannot for the life of me keep them organized.  I try so hard to give every toy a “home” but with all the dumping and carrying toys from one floor to the next I end up re-organizing toys at least once a month.
Regardless of how much I dislike the mess that comes with toys my kids, like most, love to play with all the toys in our house.  Today I’m sharing Max’s favorite toys, he’ll be 3 this month!
Our Favorite Toddler Toys for Boys
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1. Melissa & Doug Wooden Pizza Set- So i’m not going to claim to be a fan of every melissa and doug toy like a lot of people, honestly we had a wooden train and tool set that I got rid of because it wasn’t played with at all, but the pizza party has been a hit at our house since they got it for Christmas. My only issue with it is that my 18 month old sticks the toppings in her mouth and can put them all the way in, so she doesn’t get to play with it anymore.  We also have the fruit cutting set that is adorable. Max loves to make me a slice of pizza and bring it to me after asking what toppings I want and fixing it just right, its a fun toy.
2. Magna Doodle- Its a classic and we love it at our house.  Matt makes up stories to tell Max and while he tells the story he draws it out with stick figures on the magna doodle, its super cute, and then last week i caught Max talking to himself telling a story and drawing on the magna doodle.
3. Small Spiderman Action Figure-  Ok so we don’t let Max watch superhero shows yet but for some reason he’s obsessed with batman and also likes spiderman.  He loves small action figures that he can play with and have them “talk” and “fight” with eachother.
4. Mega Bloks- These are just a classic and rightfully so, he played with them more around 18months-2 years but i have had them put away lately and i need to bring them back down into the toy rotation.
5. Kiddie 4 Wheeler- Ok so this is a splurge and i would have never bought it myself but it was Max’s Christmas gift from my mom last year and he loves it. loves it. Its small enough to drive around inside (not like a crazy big barbie jeep) and easy enough for a 2 year old to drive. Sometimes June will get on and then Max will get on it behind her and they’ll drive around together, its so cute.
6. Bounce House- So this is another splurge but its not as much as you think (only $139) and its worth every penny. Seriously this has saved me this winter.  If you have a high energy kid that needs to get out a ton of energy and you cant go outside the bounce house will be your best friend.
7. Woody & Buzz Toys- We are big toy story fans in our house so he was super excited when he got these guys for Christmas.  They are just fun toys.
8. Wooden Puzzles- Toy puzzles aren’t my favorite thing because the pieces get all over the place and sometimes get lost but i will say they kept Max busy and engaged day after day, i also like the ones that make sounds.
9. Matchbox Cars- Another classic that can’t go unstated.  The one thing he always comes back to is playing with his cars, he’s been consistently playing with them since i think around 12 months and even today he made a big line of them on the counter.
What are your kids favorite toys? I’d love to hear in the comments!


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