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A Butterburger Blindside!

I had the awesome opportunity to work with Culver’s on this project! This post is sponsored by Culver’s and all opinions on honestly my own. This summer Matt and I opened a small business, Lilo’s. We knew from the very beginning that we wanted our business to stand out in excellent customer service. We wanted happy, friendly faces to greet each customer and we wanted the work environment to be enjoyable for our staff. When you own a business there are a lot of important choices to be made and you learn very quickly that the people you hire are critical to your success. When I think about that I realize how scary it is. You are putting your faith and desire for success in other people! I couldn’t be more grateful to the 18 amazing teenagers we hired at Lilo’s this summer. We opened on May 26th and the first month was a crazy mix of conquering the learning curve, training the staff and figuring out how to run our business more efficiently. For the first 3 weeks Matt or I was in the shack working during every open hour. Not to mention all the prep work that goes into each day when the business wasn’t opened. We wanted to make sure that everyone was trained well and knew what we expected, but we were running on empty and knew we couldn’t keep up with that schedule. We knew we had to let go and let the staff handle the workload on their own. You guys, we lucked out. We found the most amazing group of kids who took care of our business and cared it about it. I can’t tell you how many times I was told by friends, neighbors and customers that our staff was extremely friendly and how impressed they were. Our reviews on facebook, google and yelp reflected their hard work as well. As a business owner there is nothing more satisfying than knowing you hired the right people and they are excelling at their job. I knew I wanted to do something to thank them for their hard work so when I was given the opportunity to deliver a ButterBurger Blindside with Culver’s I jumped at it! Creating a surprise party for them was such a fun thing to do, I love surprises! We planned a pool party for the week before they went back to school, it was the perfect end of summer thank you.

I had such a fun time working with the Culver’s team to create the perfect surprise party for my staff. The kids knew they were coming to a pool party but they had no idea they would be given a full lunch of ButterBurgers! We held the party at a neighborhood pool and as the kids arrived at the party they had no idea that the Culver’s team was setting up the lunch inside the club house.

Check out this video to see the suprise unfold!


I called them all in to the clubhouse and they were a little surprised and confused at the display of Culver’s ButterBurgers! It was such a fun moment! I was able to share a few words of gratitude with them before they dug in and enjoyed the delicious burgers. You guys, if you haven’t enjoyed a ButterBurger you need to get to your closest Culver’s and order one. I’m pretty sure it’s the best fast food burger you can buy. so. good. Another favorite at the party was the fried cheese curds, yum!

The Culver’s team was curious and excited to see what would happen when their delicious food was part of a surprise outside the restaurant.. It was the perfect thank you gift for my staff, they loved and I loved watching them enjoy it! Oh let’s be honest I had a burger too and might have enjoyed it even more than they did. Give me all the ButterBurgers! 😉

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.