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Best Board Games for Young Kids

What are the best board games for young kids? I’m here to tell you our family favorites and I’d love to hear yours! Playing games with young kids can be tricky and these games have been hits with our kids in the ages of 6-9 years old. 

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At our house we have a love hate relationship with game night. I don’t know how my kids ended up being so dang competitive but sometimes it’s brutal playing board games with my now 7 and 9 year olds. Insert laughing and eye roll emoji. However I think it’s super important to play games where they win and even more important that they learn how to loose and be a good looser. We are definitely not there yet, but we keep pushing on! Some nights are better than others but more often than not games end in tears by someone. Am I alone? Does this happen in your house? 

Here’s a list of our family’s favorite board and card games for young kids.  To be honest I don’t find it fun to play many of these games with kids younger than 5 but my preschoolers have been able to play a few of these, Spot It is a great first game for kids. I find that I really enjoy playing games with kids once they are school age. Things start to click and we can sit down and play as a family. 

The Best Board Games for Young Kids

Rat-a-tat Cat

This is a new game for us and we LOVE it. A little more complicated than uno but a great game to increase math and memory skills. As long as your kids understand simple addition they can play this game.


It’s a classic- right?! Uno is such a fun card game and was one of the first games my kids really caught on to and asked to play over and over again.

Uno Flip

A “flip” on the classic! We are loving this new uno game. Both sides of the cards are printed so if someone plays a flip card you have to flip your deck over and use the new side. There are a few more cards that are new too. If you like Uno you’ll love Uno Flip

Headbandz there is a Disney version HERE which looks SO fun.

This is a really simple game that can be played on the couch without much fuss. You have to guess the card that is on your forehead by asking yes or no questions to the other players. 

Spot it



The classic building blocks game never goes out of style. 

Sleeping Queens

This is a new to us game and it’s a great game to have at your house. It’s a strategy card game and fun for everyone!

Candy Land

Because sometimes you just need a classic and candy land- it’s still fun

Guess Who

This is such a great game for younger kids. It’s also great if you have siblings near the same age because they can play it without a parent!

Connect 4

Another classic that is also a 2 person game that can be played without mom and dad if you have siblings.


My son went through a battleship phase and asked dad to play all the time. I love how this game helps with math skills like learning how to read a grid!

Board games are a great way to keep skills sharp and increase learning at home. During the summer or breaks when kids are home from school playing games are so much more fun than doing a worksheet or something that feels like “school”. There are tons of great skills that are utilized and grow while playing games with or without a parent! I hope this list gives you some ideas of what board games you can play with your young kids. 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.