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New Years Goals Brunch

One of the best ways to stick to goals is to create a support system to be accountable to. Celebrate the new year and new goals with friends at a New Year’s Goals Brunch, trust me it’s the best way to spend a morning with friends. This post contains affiliate links, which means that I make a small commission should you choose to purchase anything I recommend. I only recommend products I honestly love!
New year's goal brunch for accountability with friends
It’s no secret that I love setting, working toward and reaching goals. I LOVE New Year’s. I love the feeling of seeing January on the calendar and typing out my goals for the year. I love looking back at last year’s and seeing what I accomplished and what I need to continue to work toward.

bright and happy party decor for new year's party
I’ve learned over the years that if I share my goals I’m much more likely to accomplish them. I can’t think of a better way to kick off the new year than to sit with my friends, share our goals and enjoy some delicious food. This was the second year in a row for my new year’s brunch and it’s now one of my favorite things that I do every year.
table decorations for new year's party
Everyone thinks of New Year’s parties being at night, but having a girls brunch is a fun way to welcome the new year and help and encourage each other for the clean slate of another year. Here are three tips to host your own New Year’s brunch:

How to plan a New Year’s brunch

1. Invite friends who will be encouraging. Talk to your friends, tell them what your thinking of doing and gauge their interest. I have an amazing group of friends that all love to set goals. You might find that your gathering should be a smaller group. Sharing goals is personal and should be a positive empowering experience. Don’t invite negative Nancy. I think even if I moved and only had two or 3 friends who would want to do this it would be worth it.
2. Potluck is great. For my brunch I have everyone bring a brunch dish. No one minds and it keeps me from having to cook the whole day before, which I truly appreciate. This brunch isn’t about me cooking for everyone, it’s about coming together and being there for each other. It’s about getting people on your side that will encourage you and tell you “you can do that!”
3. Have a craft. If it’s your thing it’s fun to do a project that you can keep to remember your goals. My friends and I have been doing the One Little Word challenge for several years now so I always have some type of craft where we can put our word on it and take it home. This year we did small painted wood signs with magnets to put on the fridge. Scroll down to the bottom of the post to see them! If you don’t want to do a craft you could all bring planners and make goal action lists or brainstorm together ideas to help each other reach your goals.
new year's brunch party decor
I decorated in gray, silver and a bright lemon yellow. I love how the yellow popped and felt so fresh and happy. Just the feelings I like to have welcoming a brand new year! For the backdrop I used THIS metallic ribbon and silver and yellow balloons.
celebrate the new year with your friends for a brunch
That balloon ceiling guys. It’s so many more balloons than it looks but I just loved it. My husband kind of wanted to kill me. We did have an air pump to help blow them up but it was still a ton of balloons. I used a ladder and just scotch taped them from the bottoms to the ceiling.
bright yellow and silver new year's party decor
The centerpiece was SO simple, just lemons and silver ball type sequin and glitter decorations I found in the floral section at Hobby Lobby. I put everything on a cake stand. I also had a big bin of clear craft gem stones that I laid across the yellow fabric “runner” to give it a little more sparkle.
Gray and yellow  new year's party decor
We ate on my china, because if you’re not going to get out your china for a girls brunch when are you going to get it out?!
New Year's brunch party decor
Bright yellow and silver party
Here’s a pic of the brunch in progress… There really were people there!
brunch is best
Have your friends over to celebrate New Year's at a brunch
I feel so lucky to have such great friends here in Kansas City and I’m even luckier that they humor me and wear matching colors to my parties! ha!
Girls brunch to celebrate New Year's
For the Craft I set up my Cricut and cut out each person’s word for the year in vinyl. We then used the cut out as a stencil and painted the word onto little pieces of 1″x4″ boards I had pre-stained.
Making a craft at your new year's brunch
My word for 2016 was “connect” and my husbands was “discipline”. I think he did a better job at focusing on his word than I did. Which is why my word this year is focus! ha!
how to make a word sign magnet
You can paint the board anyway you want. I used my letters and painted over them with blue paint all the way around the board and then took the letters off so it was the stain that showed through. For Matt’s board I just used the stencil as a vinyl and painted the letters white onto the board.
painted word sign magnet
I hot glued 4 magnets to the back to put it on the fridge. It was right next to my goal list for the year! 🙂
wood painted word sign magnet
If you start a goals brunch with your friends or create a make a project using your one little word please share it with me!! Share it with me in the comments or tag me on Instagram (@handmadeintheheartland) or facebook!
Make a craft to remember your one little word for the year
I’ll leave you with this thought. “May the voices that cheer you on always be louder than the ones that don’t.” Find your tribe, find the friends who are going to cheer you on and be happy for you as you stretch yourself and reach toward your goals. It makes all the difference! Happy New Year!
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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.