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DIY Lucky Shamrock Canvas Art

I've never been one to celebrate St. Patricks day, to be honest i just wikipedia-ed it a few days ago to read what the holiday actually is.  I feel like its kind of a drinking beer holiday and we don't drink beer so i kind of wrote it off other than the fact that i make sure to wear green on the 17th of march so don't get pinched. However, i do love green, like a lot.  Back in high school i had a friend that commented one day that i was always wearing something green.  I painted our entire main floor green apple green when we first moved in (later learned that painting neutrals on walls is a better way to go) anyhow, it seems that this holiday can be fun for the non-drinking type too, you just have to get a little creative. I came up with this cute lucky shamrock canvas art, its a monochromatic piece of art with raised chipboard lettering.  Keep reading to see the full tutorial! 

Canvas (i used a 12"x12")
white paint, paint brush
green spray paint
glue stick
chipboard & craft cutting machine OR die cut chipboard letters
Large Shamrock to trace, pencil

DIY Lucky Shamrock Canvas Art, tutorial

1. Start by either printing out a photo of a shamrock the size you want it and cutting it out, or if you have a craft cutter (like a silhouette cameo, which i used) you can cut it out to a size that fits your canvas.  I made my shamrock just slightly smaller than 12"12" which was the size of my canvas.

2. Lay your Shamrock template on the canvas and trace around it with a pencil, lightly. 

3.  For the letters i cut out the word "lucky" in several different fonts and sizes. If you don't have a cutting machine you can easily purchase chipboard letters at the craft store.  Last year for valentines day i did a similar project but used purchased letters from hobby lobby.  I also learned to paint the letters white before spray painting, you might notice in the photo the letters don't look the same color as the canvas and that is why.  See the valentine valentines version HERE.

DIY Lucky Shamrock Canvas Art

4. Lay your letters out on the canvas along the lines of the shamrock that you traced.  Once you paint the canvas the line will disappear and the letters will make the shape of the shamrock. Using a glue stick glue your letters down to the canvas.  I used smaller letters for the areas where the leaves met because you have two lines coming together and larger letters will not fit.

5. Paint the letters white.  Like i mentioned above, my first time trying a piece of art like this i didn't pre-paint the letters and when i went to spray paint it they were darker than the canvas, so i didn't get the desired monochromatic look.  Be careful that your paint is new and not goopy- i wasn't paying enough attention that the first of my paint was a little old and left some thicker areas which you can see after spray painting. :(

DIY Lucky Shamrock Canvas Art

6. Once the white paint is dry spray the entire canvas with a light coat of spray paint in the color of your choice.  I used green apple by rustoleum in a satin finish, i already had it in my paint box and i love the finished color!  

Voila, a fun piece of art to display in your home during March! if you take on this project please snap a photo and share it with me- tag me on instagram @handmadeintheheartland  

DIY Lucky Shamrock Canvas Art

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