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How To Plant The Perfect Flower Pot

Planting spring flower containers is the best way to brighten your front porch and welcome the warm weather! This post will teach you how to plant the perfect full gorgeous flower pot! This post is sponsored by my friends at True Value, all opinions are my own! Thank you for supporting the brands that support Handmade in the Heartland. 
tips for planting potted flowers
April. I'm pretty sure it's my favorite month of the year. Everyone's always so obsessed with October but me? I love April. The sight of bits of green on branches turn to full blown leaves and the grass changing from dead to live in a matter of days really makes my heart happy. Of course there is the flowers that pop out of the ground smiling to us all! Spring means my kids can play outside (Thank goodness!) and I can enjoy some front porch sittin'. 

Coconut Cream Pie Parfaits

This coconut cream pie parfait recipe is simply the perfect coconut dessert!
When I was younger I was completely uninterested in anything coconut flavored. Isn't it funny how as we get older our tastebuds change? At 30 I'll eat pretty much anything I can get my hands on that has coconut in it. If there is a coconut popsicle I'm sure to reach for it over almost any other flavor. I used to pass on coconut cake, sacrilege! This recipe for coconut cream pie parfaits is my proven custard recipe transformed with coconut. I know you and your family are going to love these parfaits!

Mother's Day EOS Flower Gift

Download this free Mother's Day printable card and make this fun eos lip balm gift! Everyone loves a new lip balm, especially when it's dressed up with a beautiful paper flower! This post is sponsored by eos Thanks for supporting the brands that support Handmade in the Heartland! 
If your itching to get your hands busy with a project this is perfect! It's quick, fun and gives you such a beautiful result! Perfect for gifting to your mom, grandma or just a friend who you want to remember on Mother's Day. I think it's safe to say we all love eos lip balms, the shape is SO fun! I'm also a fan of the lotions. The spring gift packs are fresh and fun and perfect to pick up to make some gifts with. 

How to Cut Paper Peony with Cricut

This step by step video and photo tutorial teaches you to how to make a paper peony Mother's Day lip balm gift. This post is sponsored by Cricut, all opinions are always my own! Thanks for supporting the brands that support Handmade in the Heartland. This post contains affiliate links. 
Cricut cut peony flowers for Mother's Day
For my senior thesis in college, I majored in fashion design, I made a collection of wedding gowns. This was 2008, long before I knew anything about Cricut. One of the dresses I made was a short little number covered in silk flowers. Hand. Cut. Flowers. Each flower had layers on layers and I probably spent over 100 hours that semester cutting flowers. OH how I wish I had known about the miracle machine that is the Cricut Explore! Not that it was around back then, but if I had a time machine... 😉

Mushroom & Sun-dried Tomato Egg Bites

This recipe for mushroom and sun-dried tomato egg bites is the perfect brunch recipe. It's so delicious they will all be gone in a blink! It's a perfect low-carb, vegetarian, savory breakfast that is sure to satisfy everyone. This post is sponsored by Sprouts Farmers Market, all opinions are my own!  
Delicious recipe for mushroom and sun dried tomato egg bites
I could eat eggs everyday and to be honest I pretty much do. I love a savory breakfast item and although this doesn't include any meat it's filling just the same. This mushroom sun-dried tomato combination is one of my favorites lately and I've made these egg bites for the last 3 weeks strait. I'm telling you this is a winner recipe. 

Fruity Pebble Easter Egg Treats with Printable!

Easy fruity pebbles "krispie" treats cut out in egg shape with a free Easter egg-cellent gift tag make a cute and easy Easter gift! This post contains affiliate links.
Fruity Pebble Easter Egg Treats with Free Printable!
So I've been brainstorming Easter ideas to share with you guys and I came up with these fruity pebble Easter egg treats.  They are basically a rice krispie treat but you replace the rice krispies with fruity pebbles.  I normally don't buy sugary cereals so when matt noticed them in the pantry he was super excited. I'm going to go ahead and say I'll always make fruity pebble treats instead of rice krispie from now on because they are so good and I love the bright colors! I used a large easter egg cookie cutter and cut out eggs to make them more festive. 

Painted Table & Painted Bathroom Refresh

It's amazing what a difference a nice new layer of paint can make. I painted my master bath and my patio table and in this post I show you how to make your indoor and outdoor spaces look new again! This post is sponsored by KILZ®, all opinions are my own. 
Putting KILZ COMPLETE COAT™ Interior & Exterior paint to the test I decided to paint my master bath and my patio table! I am so happy with the results and excited to share all the details with you! Both my bathroom and my table were in serious need of a refresh. Splintering on my table and water spots all over my bathroom walls were fixed with a little bit of work and a coat of paint!

Painted Easter Napkin with Cricut

Make your Easter table a little bit more festive with custom painted napkins and a free printable paper Easter napkin ring. This post is a tutorial for how to make your very own using the Cricut Explore. This post is sponsored by Cricut, all opinions are always mine! This post contains affiliate links.
I love dressing up an Easter table and with a few quick do it yourself ideas you can customize your table in no time! The options for painted napkins are endless, I decided to do an Easter egg in white paint on a simple pink napkin. I used my favorite crafting weapon- my Cricut Explore, I love it! If you don't believe me check out all my other Cricut projects. 😜

I also created a free paper printable napkin ring for you. You can download it HERE. Just use an exacto knife to cut slits on the sides of the oval and insert your ribbon into them. 
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