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Strawberry Yogurt Muffin Recipe with #AEDairy

Strawberry Yogurt Muffin Recipe with #AEDairy Greek Yogurt

Who doesn't love a good muffin? I for one am all about the carbs in the morning, I realize this can be problematic but guess what I'm pregnant and I don't care- it's the one advantage to being pregnant- I can eat anything I want.  It's like the consolation for feeling crappy all the time, at least I can enjoy a cookie for breakfast and not feel a twinge of guilt. :) These muffins are delicious, and I'm not even a die hard strawberry-flavored-things fan, but these, I may or may not have eaten 2 in less than 5 minutes. The secret is the AE Strawberry Greek yogurt plus fresh strawberries, the combination of those two ingredients makes these muffins super moist (yes I hate that word too) and more addicting than you want to admit. 


Anderson Erickson Dairy

Anderson Erickson Dairy Tour #AEDairy
Top: Miriam Erickson Brown-CEO of AE Dairy & me!
Middle: The beginning of the AE Family Dairy in the 30's
Bottom: At the AE Facility a display of all the packaging and products AE has had over the years.
Hi friends I'm super excited to share that I have become a brand ambassador for AE Dairy and will be sharing delicious recipes made with AE Dairy products all year long! When this opportunity was presented to me I knew it would be a perfect fit for Handmade in the Heartland.  AE is a Midwest company based in Des Moines Iowa and at our house we love dairy.  I had the opportunity to drive up to Des Moines and tour the AE Dairy headquarters and meet the CEO and granddaughter of the founder, Miriam Erickson Brown.  It was a fabulous day and I'm excited to share the details with you.  
AE Dairy is truly a family run company with Miriam as the CEO, her brother Warren as the CFO and her dad Jim sits on the board and has been around the dairy his entire life.  I was a little surprised that the CEO herself took the entire morning to personally show me around the facility and tell me about the dairy.  Their passion and love for what they do was very apparent and contagious! I don't think I'll ever buy another brand of dairy! 


DIY Polymer Clay Sand Dollar Necklace

DIY Polymer Clay Sand Dollar Necklace Tutorial

GUYS! Its totally summer! Can you believe it?! Kids are out of school, pools are opening up and vacations are totally happening.  We are headed to the beach in a month and I'm SO excited. I love the ocean, I love everything about being at the beach and honestly if we got a chance to live near the ocean I would jump at it.  I'm also a huge fan of nautical attire- it may or may not be "on trend" this year- lets be honest I haven't looked at a fashion magazine in months (maybe years?!) but I know what I like and that is stripes and seashells and navy, red and white.  I made this fun sand dollar necklace because it reminded me of the ocean and as a little girl I collected sand dollars every time we would go to the beach, I would write the year on each one, I wish I still had that little collection! So here's my step by step tutorial on how to make your own polymer clay sand dollar necklace. 


Peach Crumble Pie

Peach Crumble Pie Recipe

You may have noticed I've been gone for a while, gone that is in blogland.  I've taken a very unanticipated hiatus the last 2 months, I'm pregnant with our 3rd baby (yay!) and so sick (not yay). I wasn't sick with my first two pregnancies so when I was anticipating getting pregnant I had no intention of doing nothing but lay on the couch for 2 months.  Sometimes life throws a curve ball at you and you have to slow down, figure it out, and regroup.  I hate not operating at my normal capacity.  It is so hard and so frustrating not to be able to function. Regardless we are super excited to welcome another adorable little person into our family in October. I'm going to try to get some new posts up over the next several months, but I can't make any promises.  Today I've got a great summer dessert, this peach crumble pie is the best of both worlds, a mix between a pie and a cobbler, and its delicious. 


Double Chocolate Chocolate Crinkle Cookies

Sometimes you just need a fix of chocolate, am I right? One Sunday afternoon I had a hankering for some chocolate and as it turns out I was out of butter, which eliminates a lot of recipes.  I didn't have a brownie mix on hand so I made these cookies which are basically a brownie in cookie form.  They are perfect for the chocolate lover and with a cold glass of milk are close to enjoying a little moment of heaven. ( if your idea of heaven is chocolate-y goodness)


The Easiest Way to Dye Easter Eggs with Toddlers!

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The Easiest Way to Dye Easter Eggs with Toddlers!

Do you ever shy away from certain activities that you could be doing with your kids because of the mess you are afraid said activity will make? I'm totally guilty of that. I kind of wish I had never introduced my kids to play-doh because now the inevitable play-doh time of day strikes where Max asks to pull it out and I kind of hear nails on a chalkboard, the play-doh crumbs all under my kitchen table seriously drive me bananas. Dyeing easter eggs is one of those activities that I held out on doing in previous years because #1 they didn't know about it to ask and #2 the potential for mess was not worth it in my mind.  I have good news, dyeing Easter eggs is waaaay less messy than I had anticipated because of awesome egg dyeing kits from PAAS.  In particular the egg color cups are so simple and awesome. My kids had so much fun doing this traditional activity that I'm sure we'll be doing it every year from now on, and I think I'm ok with that. :) 


Chicken Tetrazzini Recipe

Chicken Tetrazzini Recipe

When I was in school one of my favorite dishes that the lovely cafeteria ladies made was chicken tetrazzini.  I remember  making sure I took lunch money the days it was on the calendar and if I happened to bring my lunch I would be bringing it home uneaten in favor of chicken tetrazzini.  I made this recipe the other night and it is the bomb.com friends, seriously so good. Its not your cafeteria recipe, its much more grown up and yet its just as comforting.  The recipe makes a good amount so you'll be enjoying it for a few days in leftovers, I'm a fan of a warm lunch the next day. 


Make an Ironing Board Cover

how to Make an Ironing Board Cover

If you sew a lot then you probably have a haggard looking ironing board cover, mine was pretty bad and had been for a while.  I've seen some adorable ironing board covers at home goods but the problem is that my ironing board is an extra large guy I got at costco a while ago, and I love it because it is bigger than normal but that also means I can't run out and grab a new cover.  I don't know why I kept putting this project off, but it only took me 1 hour to make! Its so easy and now every time I look at my ironing board it makes me smile! :) 


Dairy-free Chocolate Peanut Butter Shake

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Dairy-free Chocolate Peanut Butter Shake

I'm pretty sure I've mentioned before my love of the peanut butter- chocolate combo, I may or may not have downed a whole bag of Reese's eggs by myself over the last week. ;)  Today I've got this awesome recipe that is pretty guilt free and it's my favorite combo. This shake is good, promise, I downed an entire glass right after taking the photo of it and yes its dairy-free thanks to Silk Cashewmilk.  Cashewmilk?! I know, right.  Its new and its really creamy (as you can imagine a milk made from those rich creamy nuts would be) it tastes so good and has less calories than skim milk. Say whaaaaat?! I love dessert, I've always had a sweet tooth and so when I figure someway to make myself feel better about downing something sweet I always take it.  This shake is really good and you can feel good drinking it, win-win!


The Climb Free Wallpaper Images

Who else loves a good desktop/iphone wallpaper? I'm totally loving this one, its been on my phone for a few weeks and I love how clean it is and I love the little jolt of motivation that comes when I read the quote.  Sometimes life feels likes a constant uphill climb, but guess what we do get to the top and its worth every struggle to see the view, to feel the relief and to see how much we've grown.