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Football Caramel Apple Turnovers

Football Party Dessert, Caramel Apple Turnovers

Hey friends! Are you getting ready for a super bowl party? You might have noticed earlier this week I put up an entire football party spread and these cute little football turnovers were included.  Today I've got the recipe and tips on how to make them. When I was planning out the details on the football party I wanted a simple dessert that was delicious and cute.  I had seen around pinterest people had made turnovers, using that pun to make a perfect dessert for the party.  I took it one step further and cut out my dough with a football cookie cutter. I love how they turned out.


Football Party Food!

Easy Football Party Food

I can think of a lot of things I would rather do than watch a football game, it’s just not high on my “let’s do that for fun” list. However, inviting friends over and having a party for said football game watching is up way higher on that fun list. If I’m going to watch a game, I’d rather do it with friends around, because let’s be honest, then I get to just chat and not really watch the game at all. Hosting may seem daunting to you, but I’ll show you today that you can pull off a fun football party with less effort than you think. I’ve partnered with Farm Rich to bring you some delicious party food. I believe in making your life easier and jazzing things up. Farm Rich brings you delicious ready-to-bake in the oven appetizers that everyone will love, and if you pair them with delicious from scratch sauces, dips and desserts, you’ve got a spread that’s a total winner. You can see several other recipes for an easy game day spread on Kitchen Daily.


Enjoy Life Free Desktop Wallpaper

Enjoy Life Free Desktop Wallpaper

I love this quote.  One of my mantras in life is to be happy now, it is so easy to get caught up thinking about the "when..." that we forget to enjoy today, and really life is made up of thousands of todays.   How do you choose to enjoy life? I have three things that I propose will help you enjoy life: Do things that make you happy, Be Grateful & Serve Others.  

I like to do small things that I enjoy and get satisfaction out of, this especially helps when I'm struggling.  This morning I was having a little bit of a meltdown for no apparent reason and so I cleaned the basement, organized the kazillion toys that were covering the entire basement floor and I felt better, because I love to organize, it calms me down and I love the final result! I however hate to clean things (like scrub and mop) so I hire it out and it makes me very happy.  I love to talk with friends so I pick up the phone and call, or text to meet for lunch, or organize an afternoon to craft together.  Find small things that make you happy, sure we all love to go on vacation but is that something we can do everyday, nope. I suggest you write down a few things that brighten your day and have it somewhere in your house to remind you to do those things. 


Mexican Corn Salad

Mexican Corn Salad Recipe

Happy Monday friends.  I've got a salad that you so need in your life- like today.  This Mexican corn salad is so good that its kind of addicting, trust me it didn't last long in my fridge! Its absolutely perfect for sharing at a party or to serve beside some enchiladas or tacos.  I just like to eat it strait from the tupperware container for lunch. :) It doesn't take long at all to prepare which is always a bonus and you won't feel like you're eating crap. 


Hallmark's Personalization Studio

Hallmark at Crown Center Kansas City

I'm such a sucker for a good gift shop, one with adorable notebooks and delicious smelling candles, maybe a few pieces of jewelry and an assortment of well curated little things that you just want. I was invited to visit the newly renovated Hallmark gold crown store in crown center and its gorgeous, seriously so well done.  I love the little departments denoted with gorgeous wood engraved signs and the beautiful 3 dimensional collage fronts of the check out registers.  I spent a good hour in the store looking through the shelves of goodies and tables filled with gorgeous gift ideas.  


DIY Tablet Stand

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DIY Tablet Stand

10 years ago everyone looked at cookbooks when they were cooking didn't they? How many times a week do you look through cookbooks? I bet the answer is 1 or less, am I right? I'm always using my Intel tablet or laptop to pull up recipes and because I just got a brand new laptop for Christmas I'm paranoid about touching it while I'm cooking. In walks my handy dandy Intel tablet that is a great medium size to read with, take everywhere and is still great for reading recipes while I cook.  I wanted a stand to place it on so with help from my awesome hubs we made this cute chalkboard tablet stand.


Sweet Potato & Sausage Breakfast Hash

Sweet Potato & Sausage Breakfast Hash, Paleo Recipe

A couple a weeks ago after pouring myself another bowl of cereal at 7am I decided I was going to quit the carb/sugar loading at breakfast and start eating better to start off the day.  My problem is that I'm not in a cooking mood in the morning.  I don't have any of those awesome excuses like I have to get kids on a bus at some ungodly hour or I'm rushed to head off to work, nope a lot of days I'm in my sweats or PJ's until 10am (the joy of having toddlers), I just don't have the motivation to chop an onion or stand at the stove.  How do you break yourself of that? Maybe get really excited about a delicious looking recipe and then the motivation will show up. :) I love when I eat eggs in the morning, I'm totally full for hours, remember my quinoa egg cups? This sweet potato and sausage hash is just as filling and very tasty and did I mention it's paleo?!  I wish I had some to reheat to eat right now. 


Motivational Desktop Wallpaper

Free Motivational Desktop Wallpaper

What keeps you from doing what you want and need to do? For me its probably more laziness than anything else.  Some days (okay most days) I just don't want to go to the gym, or a nap sounds a lot nicer than finishing up a project that needs to get done.  Sometimes something bigger is holding us back- like fear.  I've been putting off a goal that I made last year (starting a youtube channel) because of so many reasons, but really its just something I need to get get up and do. I love this quote because it reminds me that I should be more afraid of not trying, not even giving my ideas or goals a chance to work.  Its still early in in January so even if you didn't do much with the resolutions you had in your head yet today is the day, right them down! Put them somewhere you'll see them and remember that not trying is really the real failure. I've made this quote super easy for you to use- you can download it as a desktop wallpaper, an iphone wallpaper or print it out on a 8x10 and stick it on your fridge. Lets do this!


Tieks Review

Tieks Shoes Review

I have a new favorite thing that I have to share with you.  It all started earlier this year when I was gifted a $100 gift card to Tieks at a blogger conference. I won’t lie these shoes cost a pretty penny, but then again you get what you pay for, right? So the gift card was really a discount code to get a little more than half off of a pair of Tieks.  I figured I might as well try them out, Oprah loves them so they are probably great.  I ordered a pretty kelly green pair and when they came in the mail I was impressed right from the start. So when fall rolled around I knew I needed a more fall color and although my logical brain wanted to get black or camel or something more neutral I just had to go for the red, and I love them.  I’m thinking for Valentines day I’ll get a metallic, we’ll have to see how much he loves me. :)


Persistance Desktop Wallpaper

Sometimes I feel like I'm not make progress, do you ever have those thoughts? I was looking for good encouraging motivating quotes to make some fun things for you guys and this one came across pinterest.  I love it. Its so true, its not about having huge moments but about being consistent and persistent with your goals and with that you'll achieve so much more than if you just try really hard for a few moments.  Sometimes I don't like to be reminded that achievement takes time, buts it's true isn't it? So as you are going about this fabulous first month of the year download these wallpapers to remind you that its all about keepin' on. Happy New Year :)

iPhone wallpaper HERE, Desktop wallpaper HERE