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VTech Safe & Sound Baby Monitor

If you are an expecting mother, or have been, you know the overwhelming amount of baby stuff there is for you to look at, research and buy.  It's nice to be able to have some clear information on what products really do work and which ones will last the longest. Today I'm partnering with the motherhood and Vtech to talk about the Vtech safe & sound baby monitor that will work for you and your kiddos well beyond the first year. 
Best baby monitor for growing with kids
When this monitor system arrived in the mail I really didn't have any idea just how awesome it was.  I currently have a 5 year old, 4 year old & 8 month old. I was impressed with how this system is helping me with all 3 kids, not just the baby! In this post I will explain how this monitor will help you throughout your kiddos childhood, the first year and beyond. 

Parrot Uncle Review

I love making updates to our home. If I had a bank account with extra cash it would be going to a complete home makeover- doesn't that sound so fun?! However said extra cash does not exist so I, like most of you, make small updates here and there to add my own personal style to our house. I was thrilled to be able to receive and review some new lighting fixtures from Parrot Uncle. 
Industrial Pendant Light Fixtures

Volunteering with Kids - Small Change, Big Difference

This post is sponsored by Children's Mercy Hospital
I've been reading a lot about how to battle entitlement in children.  The answer I keep coming back to is that gratitude is the opposite of entitlement and we develop a strong sense of gratitude when we serve others. You may know that I am a part of the Children's Mercy Hospital Moms Blogger Team and I bring you a post every month about children's health topics.  I feel that it is very important to help our children develop a strong sense of compassion and desire to serve others.  

Fruit, Granola & Ice Cream Parfait Bar

This post is sponsored by Sprouts Farmers Market

It's hot outside, the corn fields are starting to get tall and you can find us at the pool pretty much everyday. Yep, summer is here and the 4th of July is right around the corner.  I find that I often have people visit us for the 4th of July and I love coming up with fun food to celebrate.  These fruit, granola and ice cream parfaits are the perfect way to celebrate the holiday and I've got some free printables to go with! 
Sprouts Granola and Fruit Ice Cream Parfait
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