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Frozen Hot Chocolate

Summer is right around the corner and I've got the perfect summer treat to cool you down and satisfy your sweet tooth! This recipe for frozen hot chocolate is so easy, fast and delicious! You and your family are going to love it! This post is sponsored by my friends at AE Dairy, you know I love all things AE!
Have you ever had frozen hot chocolate? It's this cold chocolatey drink originating from a cute little cafe called Serendipity in New York City. They serve it in a huge parfait bowl with straws for everyone. If you've never had it, it's kind of a mix between a chocolate shake and a chocolate smoothie. It has the distinct taste of hot chocolate because you add hot chocolate powder to it. It's cool and refreshing and a great treat for a hot summers day. 

Home Decor Print & Beautiful Candles

Decorate your shelves with gorgeous heritage collection candles from Chesapeake Bay Candle Company and this free "home is wherever I'm with you" printable! This post is sponsored by my friends at Chesapeake Bay Candles, thank you for supporting the brands that support Handmade in the Heartland. 
What are your favorite scents? I've always leaned toward fresh clean smelling things like citrus, fruity florals and anything that smells like fresh laundry. Scent is kind of a funny thing; it amazes me how much it can change my mood. I love the Heritage line from Chesapeake Bay Candle. I was sent Bay Cottage, Wild Lemongrass and White Gardenia and I love them all!

Triple Threat Kansas City Burger

The triple threat Kansas City burger is piled high with three different meats, topped with a slice of the best cheddar cheese and crispy shallots, it might just be the best burger you'll ever eat. The post is sponsored by my friends at Sprouts Farmers Market.
You guys. THIS burger. It might be my favorite recipe on the blog to date. Maybe it's because my husband said it was the best burger he's ever eaten and trust me, we have eaten a lot of fancy delicious fifteen dollar burgers. This one, this one is pretty freaking amazing. In true Kansas City style it's piled high with 3 different meats- burger patty, bbq pulled pork & maple glazed bacon. Topped with real vermont cheddar cheese and homemade crispy shallots then finished off by slathering Sir Kensington's special sauce and mayo on the inside of a homemade burger bun. Are you hungry yet???!

How to Cut Paper Peony with Cricut

This step by step video and photo tutorial teaches you to how to make a paper peony Mother's Day lip balm gift. This post is sponsored by Cricut, all opinions are always my own! Thanks for supporting the brands that support Handmade in the Heartland. This post contains affiliate links. 
Cricut cut peony flowers for Mother's Day
For my senior thesis in college, I majored in fashion design, I made a collection of wedding gowns. This was 2008, long before I knew anything about Cricut. One of the dresses I made was a short little number covered in silk flowers. Hand. Cut. Flowers. Each flower had layers on layers and I probably spent over 100 hours that semester cutting flowers. OH how I wish I had known about the miracle machine that is the Cricut Explore! Not that it was around back then, but if I had a time machine... 😉

3 Mother's Day Coloring Pages

If you're looking for something fun for kids to make for Mother's Day these free printable floral coloring pages are perfect! You can download al three for free and color them yourself or have your kids color them for mom, grandma or special friends! 
Beautiful floral happy mother's day coloring page
Download the floral "Happy Mother's Day" frame coloring page HERE

Dunkin' Donuts Pretzel Croissant Breakfast Sandwich

The new pretzel croissant breakfast sandwich at Dunkin' Donuts is delicious! This post is sponsored by Dunkin' Donuts, all opinions are my own! I never promote something that I don't naturally love. 
Donuts have always been a thing for me. When I was growing up in Nashville Tennessee back in the 90's we didn't have a Dunkin' but we did have granny's and we stopped there frequently on the way to school. When I went off to college in Rhode Island there were Dunkin' Donuts on every corner and it was such a novelty for me! Have you ever that experience when you go on vacation and there is some type of restaurant or store that you've wanted to visit and you didn't have one in your home town? That was Dunkin' for me. During my college years I was a frequent patron of the local Dunkin' Donuts, and vanilla sprinkled donuts are still my favorite. 🍩 Now Dunkin' has a new breakfast sandwich that you have to try!

How To Plant The Perfect Flower Pot

Planting spring flower containers is the best way to brighten your front porch and welcome the warm weather! This post will teach you how to plant the perfect full gorgeous flower pot! This post is sponsored by my friends at True Value, all opinions are my own! Thank you for supporting the brands that support Handmade in the Heartland. 
tips for planting potted flowers
April. I'm pretty sure it's my favorite month of the year. Everyone's always so obsessed with October but me? I love April. The sight of bits of green on branches turn to full blown leaves and the grass changing from dead to live in a matter of days really makes my heart happy. Of course there is the flowers that pop out of the ground smiling to us all! Spring means my kids can play outside (Thank goodness!) and I can enjoy some front porch sittin'. 

Coconut Cream Pie Parfaits

This coconut cream pie parfait recipe is simply the perfect coconut dessert!
When I was younger I was completely uninterested in anything coconut flavored. Isn't it funny how as we get older our tastebuds change? At 30 I'll eat pretty much anything I can get my hands on that has coconut in it. If there is a coconut popsicle I'm sure to reach for it over almost any other flavor. I used to pass on coconut cake, sacrilege! This recipe for coconut cream pie parfaits is my proven custard recipe transformed with coconut. I know you and your family are going to love these parfaits!
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