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Volunteering with Kids - Small Change, Big Difference

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I've been reading a lot about how to battle entitlement in children.  The answer I keep coming back to is that gratitude is the opposite of entitlement and we develop a strong sense of gratitude when we serve others. You may know that I am a part of the Children's Mercy Hospital Moms Blogger Team and I bring you a post every month about children's health topics.  I feel that it is very important to help our children develop a strong sense of compassion and desire to serve others.  

Fruit, Granola & Ice Cream Parfait Bar

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It's hot outside, the corn fields are starting to get tall and you can find us at the pool pretty much everyday. Yep, summer is here and the 4th of July is right around the corner.  I find that I often have people visit us for the 4th of July and I love coming up with fun food to celebrate.  These fruit, granola and ice cream parfaits are the perfect way to celebrate the holiday and I've got some free printables to go with! 
Sprouts Granola and Fruit Ice Cream Parfait

Jouviance Anti-Aging Cream

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Ok friends. I'm turning 30 in August!?! My skin is starting to feel different, which I totally didn't expect this young! I noticed the other day that my eye lid was less tight than it used to be and I spy a few wrinkles forming in several places. AH! I never thought I would be someone to care about wrinkles, and then it's a whole different story when I actually see some on my face!
Jouviance Anti-Aging Cream

Quinoa Patties with Avocado Sauce

Quinoa Patties with Avocado Sauce Recipe
Healthy eating, it's such a good habit to get into! These quinoa patties with avocado sauce are the perfect summer dinner for making you feel full and healthy.  When I get into a habit of eating healthy food I just feel better all around.  The weekends are the hardest for me, which is funny because I work from home so it's not like the weekend days are that much different! I do schedule my days better Monday thru Friday so that must be what makes the difference. I love quinoa, it's super filling and amazingly healthy. "Quinoa is gluten-free, high in protein and one of the few plant foods that contain all nine essential amino acids. It is also high in fiber, magnesium, B-vitamins, iron, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, vitamin E and various beneficial antioxidants." So finding ways to put more Quinoa into my diet is a no-brainer!
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