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Sweet Thai Udon Noodles

Sweet Thai Udon Noodles
We love asian food at our house and after going to a fun asian restaurant a few weekends ago I was determined to find and make an udon noodle dish.  After searching my local grocery store and coming up empty I ordered udon noodles on amazon, but then I was at Walmart and found them for only $3! They are kind of interesting noodles- they come fully cooked and all you have to do is heat them up in your pan with your sauce and separate them with a spoon. This sauce friends is seriously ahhhmazeballs, like one of my favorite new dishes that I could probably eat once a week. Its sweet with lots of flavor and just a tiny bit of kick. You should totally whip up this sweet thai udon noodle recipe this week- get on it! 


How to Make A Mixing Bowl Cover

How to Make A Mixing Bowl Cover
It feels so good to sit down at my sewing machine after months of not using it.  Especially when its a quick easy project that brings instant satisfaction. I've been meaning to make more mixing bowl covers since I received this fun fat quarter fabric bundle from P&B textiles, the collection is Fresh Pick and the food inspired prints are so fun! I also used the new solarize interlining from Fairfield World to really make these mixing bowl covers awesome.  Solarize is a new interlining that creates a thermal barrier and helps keep things hot or cold, perfect for this project! Follow along for the full tutorial, you can totally complete this project in an hour or less!


Chocolate & Caramel Cream Parfaits with #AEDairy

Chocolate & Caramel Cream Parfaits with #AEDairy

Chocolate, caramel and cream might be the perfect combination.  This recipe for parfaits is such a light and delicious dessert that you can make at home and impress whoever it is that will be joining you for after dinner treats.  When I visited the AE Dairy Headquarters earlier this year I knew one of the products that I would be using a lot would be the heavy whipping cream.  I learned that heavy whipping cream can be different depending on the brand you buy- AE's is 40% butterfat with no emulsifiers or anything added to it to make it whip, where other brands do add in agents to help it whip that have a lower butterfat content. On the ingredient list on the side of a AE heavy whipping cream container you'll only see 1- cream. When making this parfait I made fresh whipped cream with the AE whipping cream and it whipped beautifully and in a matter of just a few minutes. 


Keeping In Touch With CloudPets™

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Keeping In Touch With CloudPets™
Technology, my friends, its getting so cool in so many ways.  Today I've got a brand new toy to tell you about that is seriously fun and innovative.   CloudPets™ are new stuffed toys that combine messaging technology with a stuffed animal so that your child, or the owner of the pet, receives messages through the stuffed toy. Whenever there is a new message a little blinking red light illuminates the heart of the toy and all the owner has to do is press the paw and hear the new message. My kids think it is so fun, the best part about the messaging pet is that anyone from anywhere can send a message to the animal after they download the CloudPets™app.


Cap'n Crunch Cookies

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #QuakerTime #CollectiveBias
Cap'n Crunch Cookies Recipe #QuakerTime
Cereal in a cookie, how have I never done this before? Today I'm partnering with Quaker to bring you a fun treat to put in your kids lunch box for back to school.  I made some Captain Crunch cookies that I think will be the perfect addition to your kid's lunch box. Gearing up to send kids back to school is a fun time of year, one of my biggest concerns as a mom is filling them up before they leave me in the morning so I know they won't be hungry until lunch.  Quaker instant oatmeals are fast, filling and one of my go-to breakfast meals, and cereals are a favorite in our house at all times of the day!


French Onion & Apple Crostini with #AEDairy

French Onion & Apple Crostini Recipe with #AEDairy
This recipe might be one of my favorite things I've ever posted on the blog! Seriously, Matt and I gobbled these little bites up within minutes after taking the pictures. The secret to this french onion and apple crostini is the AE French Onion Sour Cream Dip as the base for the rest of the ingredients. Have you had this dip? I have a friend who now lives outside of the midwest and as soon as she comes home its one of the first things she has her mom buy at the store for her, and its never lasts more than a day or two in my fridge. This recipe is perfect for appetizers when friends are coming over, to take to a party or have as a light lunch. Everyone will think you are a gourmet chef, that is guaranteed!


FarmRich Toasted Ravioli with Fresh Corn Salsa

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Toasted Ravioli with Fresh Corn Salsa Recipe
I'm such a fan of a good snack, appetizer and party food and today I've got a great summer snack for you. I've joined with the people of FarmRich to bring you a snack hack, and give you an idea of what you can do to enter the awesome FarmRich Back Your Snack contest. There is $10,000 up for grabs (!!) so you'll definitely want to come up with your own fun snack hack and enter the contest! FarmRich has a ton of delicious frozen snacks to choose from and I chose to fancy up the tasty toasted ravioli. I'm a big fan of this ravioli because its 4 cheese and not just mozzarella which makes it, in my opinion, superior to other frozen ravioli.  Since its summer I took advantage of the bounty of delicious fresh summer veggies and created a corn, tomato and basil salsa which topped the ravioli along with a drizzle of balsamic glaze.  Honestly this snack lasted for all of about 10 minutes after the photographs were taken, we loved it.


Summer Drinks with Sparkling Seltzer Water #WaterOnlyBetter

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #WaterOnlyBetter #CollectiveBias
Summer Drinks with Sparkling Seltzer Water #wateronlybetter
Today I've partnered with Canada Dry to bring you some fun summer drinks.  I have had so much fun playing around with the fun new flavors of Canada Dry Sparkling Seltzer Water, especially the Mandarin Orange.  Lately my kids have discovered soda- I hate to give my kids full sugar soda so making some fun drinks with this delicious flavored sparkling water has been a fantastic alternative. Canada Dry Sparkling Seltzer Water is just a lightly flavored sparkling water, it is all natural with 0 calories and 0 sodium. I've got 3 fun recipes for you to try with 3 awesome different flavors of sparkling seltzer water. 


Berries & Cream Frozen Yogurt Bites with #AEDairy

Berries & Cream Frozen Yogurt Bites with #AEDairy
During the dog days of summer we all need a cool refreshing treat and today I've got the perfect summer time treat for you.  This recipe for berries and cream frozen yogurt bites uses AE Dairy Greek Yogurt and fresh fruit to make a delicious frozen snack.  AE Greek Yogurt is especially creamy and freezes really well.  I bet you didn't know that making frozen yogurt treats was easy- but it is, all you do is freeze Greek Yogurt!


Loaded Baked Potato Salad

Loaded Baked Potato Salad Recipe
Every pregnant lady has her cravings and this go around its been potatoes for me. Literally a potato in any form- french fries, baked potato, potato salad, funeral potatoes, scalloped- they all sound delicious. This recipe for loaded baked potato salad is simple and perfect for a smaller gathering or to keep in your fridge for a week or so, if you're going to a huge party- double the ingredients. I love this recipe because you likely have all the ingredients on hand in your fridge and pantry and lets be honest, sometimes you forget about that bbq until a few hours before. Keep this recipe on hand and you'll always be prepared. :)