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5 Tips for Improving Kids Sleep with #CMHmoms

Bedtime. It's like a magic word that makes parents feel a huge flood of relief and kids scream in unison "Noooo!". Regardless of your feelings toward bedtime I think we can all agree that it's a necessary and important part of daily life. Today I'm partnering with my friends at Children's Mercy Hospital to bring you 5 tips for improving kids sleep!

Overnight Oats

Have you made overnight oats yet? Friends I am completely sold on this make ahead, healthy, protein packed, great for on the go breakfast option. Today I've partnered with AE Dairy, my favorite midwest dairy brand, to bring you three different ways to enjoy overnight oats! 
fresh overnight oat recipes for make ahead breakfasts
I love using AE Greek Yogurt for these recipes, they add 14 grams of protein and the different flavor varieties make my recipes delicious! In these recipes I used the almond creme for my chocolate almond, the meyer lemon for lemon berry and the clementine greek yogurt for the orange coconut.  Overnight oats start with a simple recipe that is easy to add different ingredients to for a variety of flavor combinations.
healthy overnight oat recipes

Lemon Berry Overnight Oats

I'm totally obsessed with Overnight Oats right now! I love quickly mixing together the ingredients the night before and popping them in the fridge to have a delicious breakfast in the morning! This combination is especially delicious with AE Meyer Lemon Greek Yogurt and blueberry jam, such a bright and refreshing way to wake up!
lemon berry overnight oats recipe

Orange Coconut Overnight Oats

I love anything flavored with citrus and this orange coconut overnight oats recipe is the perfect bright and happy flavorful breakfast recipe. I'm completely in love with how quick it is to make this breakfast recipe one night and then have a healthy and filling breakfast for a few days. 
orange coconut overnight oats breakfast recipe
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