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The Best CrockPot Pulled Pork

This recipe for pulled pork is easy to make in the crock pot/slow cooker or the instant pot! It's a great recipe for a crowd and it's sure to become a staple dish in your house as it has in mine! This post contains affiliate links. 
Easy, delicious pulled pork recipe for the slow cooker or instant pot!
I love a good pulled pork sandwich and lately I've realized how versatile pulled pork is. I'm super excited to show you two ways to use this recipe, in this post I show you how to make the traditional pulled pork sandwich. Click over to get the recipe for pulled pork tacos with cilantro lime aioli, they are ahhmazing!

Dosing Guide for Children's Medicine

This post discusses how to give the proper dose of medicine to your child as well as how Children's Mercy Hospital is researching more in depth ways on how to determine drug dosing for children. This post is sponsored by Children's Mercy, I am part of the Children's Mercy Moms Team!
how to correctly dose over the counter children's medicine
It's almost inevitable that someone in our home is going to come down with a bug, a fever, a cough or a cold during the winter months. I have at times found it somewhat confusing on what dose of over the counter medicine to give to my kids. Until my pediatrician gave me a detailed dosing guide I was going off the the package instructions, which at times were on the box that I had thrown away!

The best batman toys

This big list of our favorite batman toys is perfect for kids ages 2-8. This post contains affiliate links. We have a lot of toys in our house. I sometimes look around and think "How in the world did this happen?!" 😳 However, I am grateful when I purchase, or we receive toys, that stand the test of time, or a few years at least!

I have to give Imaginext a huge thumbs up for the following toy list. We have most of the items pictured (I told you we have so many toys!) but the honest to goodness truth is that Max started receiving these toys for his 3rd birthday and he still plays with them. He keeps them all together and builds little "sets" of batman world. I love that the characters that come with the different vehicles are the same and can fit into all the different toys. None of the pieces are teeny tiny which is always a good thing when you have a 1 year old running around with the big kids.

Here's a list of our favorite, and in my book, the best batman toys!
1.Transforming Batcave I think this might be Max's favorite.
4.Gotham City Jail
6.Batman & Robin with batmobile and motorcycle

Valentine Puffcorn Crack

This quick and easy treat recipe for puffcorn crack is the perfect combination of salty and sweet, you'll be eating it by the handfuls! This post contains affiliate links.
How to make puffcorn crack
You might hate me. I kind of hated my friend Stacy after she brought me a bag of this puffcorn crack for Christmas a few years ago. I've never made anything that is so addicting. Honestly, you can't eat just a few pieces. Well, maybe you can but I certainly cannot. 😉 There is something so delicious about the combination of the salty puffcorn and the sweet candy coating. Oh and the best (or worst) part about this 2 ingredient treat, it only takes 10 minutes to make!

20+ FREE Classroom Valentine Printables

This roundup of over 20 free classroom valentines to print out at home will make your life easier! All of these ideas are easy to complete and only require printing, cutting and attaching a candy or small gift item.  All are perfect for kids to take to their classroom valentine parties. 
free valentines for kids classroom parties
Valentine's Day is right around the corner which means we are all scurrying around trying to find Valentine's for our kids to take to their classroom parties. I have been scouring the internet for the best FREE printable valentines out there. The valentines listed are all simple, easy printable from your home computer and printer and with minimal diy efforts after printing and cutting. Everything attached to the cards are simple store-bought items. Some with candy some with non-candy items. I hope you find something that your kids will love! 

Sewn Insulated Lunch Sack DIY

This easy sewn insulated lunch sack is a quick and fun project for you or your kids! Choose your own fun fabric and you'll be ditching the brown bag in no time! This post contains affiliate links. 
how to sew a lunch sack with free pattern
You guys. I kind of wish I went to work outside my house just so I could pack my lunch in this cute little lunch sack! I found this fabric on clearance when Hancock fabrics was going out of business a few years ago (yes that is how long I hold on to fabric before I make something with it 😬).  If you're a sewer you know the options are endless for this cute little free pattern. Superman fabric- your son will love it! Amy Butler prints- your teenage daughter will think it's the cutest thing ever! 

DIY Valentine Envelope

This metallic DIY Valentine envelope is perfect to have around your home all of February. Use it for a family activity where parents and kids deliver love notes to each other.
Step by step photo tutorial for Valentine Envelope
I love the month of February, mostly because I get to decorate in pink, which otherwise never happens. 😍 I also enjoy taking the time to encourage my kids to think about the love in our family, and to challenge them to think about and share the ways they love each other. This metallic valentine envelope is the perfect little quick craft to make to encourage everyone in the house to drop little love notes into throughout the month. Keep reading for the free pattern and step by step tutorial for how to make your own valentine envelope!

Spinach Artichoke Tortilla Cups

These spinach artichoke tortilla cups are the perfect appetizer recipe for game day, everyone will agree! This post contains affiliate links. 
Easy appetizer recipe for spinach artichoke tortilla cups
I know I've said this before but the best thing about watching any game on tv is making food and having friends over to watch it. Let's be honest those are the only things I think are fun about watching a sports game on tv. 😉 These spinach artichoke tortilla cups are going to disappear before your eyes at your next watch party, promise! Everyone loves a good spinach dip and when they are made in individual portions is easy for everyone to enjoy them know matter where they are sitting to watch the game. 
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