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The Perfect Hostess Gift: Sewn Coasters

Striped Fabric Sewn Coasters, Great Gift Idea!

We are quickly moving into gift giving season and this year I'm going to try and make something handmade for everyone on my list.   My goal is to bring you several easy and quick but adorable handmade gift ideas, so that If you feel in the mood to pull out your sewing machine or craft supplies you'll possibly have some inspiration right here. Today is my first shot at it with these cute striped fabric sewn coasters, a great hostess gift, friend gift or just a gift for someone who loves their morning tea and also loves their furniture. :) I love that this project takes almost no fabric- its small and easy and if you are a sewer at all I can bet you have enough scraps to whip some of these up. 


Quilted Fabric Baskets for Organization

Quilted Fabric Baskets for Bathroom Organization

I feel like I cannot keep my bathroom clean and organized, does anyone out there feel the same way? Really its kind of like my whole house, the sacrifices you make to have kids, no?! I try to keep my upstairs, which only has bedrooms and bathrooms, free of toys, organized and clean but I find myself cleaning it up way more often than I would like.  Somehow toys end up upstairs and my bathroom shelves end up littered with things that we have to get out of the reach of little hands. Hence my decision to make these fabric baskets. I had some pretty fabric that matched our bathroom/bedroom and thought it would be fun to make some quilted fabric baskets for my bathroom.


Crock-Pot Beef Stew

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crock-pot Beef Stew
Do you go on a regular date night with your husband or significant other? I like to go out once a week because honestly by the end of the week I'm totally ready to let someone else cook and get away from kinds for a few hours and feel like a grown up.  Matt and I both enjoy a lot of the same things which makes planning dates easy and fun.  As consistent as we are there are some weekends that we don't make it out and date night ends up being a Netflix binge of blacklist and picking up a few pints of Haagen-Dazs.  On those nights in I still love to have a delicious dinner and this Crock-Pot beef stew recipe is delicious and easy, you may even feel like you are eating out!


Halloween Projects and Recipes

I guess I really love Halloween because I've only been blogging for two years and I have almost 20 projects themed for the holiday.  Really I just love holidays in general, celebrating special events has always been a big deal in my family and Halloween is just fun! Here is a quick list of all the projects pictured above with links to get you to each post.  Click around and make a plan for your festivities Friday night! Happy Halloween Week!

Halloween Recipes and Projects


Kansas Farm Food Tour

I was compensated to take time away (3 days) to go on the food farm tour with the Kansas Farm Bureau, Kansas Soybean Association and United Soybean Board. This post is a recap of the tour and all opinions expressed are my own, The Farm Bureau simply took me to see farms but did not in any way press an agenda for what they wanted me to post on my blog, the goal was just to how bloggers how agriculture in the state of Kansas operates. 

Food. It just might be the most important thing we do everyday, select food and eat. Here in the U.S our options are endless between eat out and eating in, we have every option of cuisine and every ingredient we could ever want on the grocery store shelves.  We love food, as evidenced by pinterest and the many other food sites across the web.  We need food to sustain our life but food is more than that isn't it? We use food for health, for comfort, for celebrating, for enjoyment. In recent years there has been a movement to know where does this food that we are eating come from? I would say that there is healthy amount of fear going through the American people to make sure to eat the "right" food with the right ingredients on the label- "Organic, Non GMO, Gluten Free, All Natural, etc.". So where does our food really come from? Is our country being fed food that will kill us? Should we be scared to eat conventionally farmed food? 


Count your blessings Thanksgiving Wood Sign

Count your blessings Thanksgiving Wood Sign

I love the holidays and I love decorating for the holidays.  My husband however hates Thanksgiving, its kind of funny but he just associates the holiday with awkwardness.  I on the other hand love a special occasion.  Thanksgiving is an especially beautiful holiday in my mind because we are reflecting on all that we are thankful for and those we love in our lives.  I have so many blessings and yet I fail to recognize them often, maybe this little sign will remind me to stop and count my blessings more often.  Here's to getting ready for the rush of holiday season! 


Hamburger Stew

Hamburger Stew Recipes

Are there times of year where you feel more excited about being in the kitchen? I always feel like fall reinvigorates my desire to cook up something delicious for dinner.  This hamburger stew is great because its simple, easy, has veggies in it and it screams comfort food.  I love it on a cool day with some yummy rolls on the side.  I mean lets be honest I could eat some sister Shubert rolls on the side of any dinner. :) 


Halloween Snacks: Vampire Oreos

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Halloween Snacks: Vampire Oreos #SpookySnacks #shop

Ok friends the things that can be done with an Oreo cookie are pretty endless, especially around Halloween. Do you remember my zombie Oreos from last week or those fun spiders from last year.  Well today I bring you Oreo vampires.  These guys are probably the most simple Oreo creatures I've made because there is no coating involved, just a few tubes of store bought icing and you've got some fun cookies to share when your kids get home from school or for a Halloween party.  BTW can you believe that Halloween is in less than 2 weeks. I better get started on our costumes! Speaking of Halloween parties have you tried the different versions of Wheat Thins? I'm totally in love with the honey mustard and they are perfect for serving with dips next Saturday night. :) 

Halloween Snacks: Vampire Oreos #SpookySnacks #shop