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Chicken Tetrazzini Recipe

Chicken Tetrazzini Recipe

When I was in school one of my favorite dishes that the lovely cafeteria ladies made was chicken tetrazzini.  I remember  making sure I took lunch money the days it was on the calendar and if I happened to bring my lunch I would be bringing it home uneaten in favor of chicken tetrazzini.  I made this recipe the other night and it is the bomb.com friends, seriously so good. Its not your cafeteria recipe, its much more grown up and yet its just as comforting.  The recipe makes a good amount so you'll be enjoying it for a few days in leftovers, I'm a fan of a warm lunch the next day. 


Make an Ironing Board Cover

how to Make an Ironing Board Cover

If you sew a lot then you probably have a haggard looking ironing board cover, mine was pretty bad and had been for a while.  I've seen some adorable ironing board covers at home goods but the problem is that my ironing board is an extra large guy I got at costco a while ago, and I love it because it is bigger than normal but that also means I can't run out and grab a new cover.  I don't know why I kept putting this project off, but it only took me 1 hour to make! Its so easy and now every time I look at my ironing board it makes me smile! :) 


Dairy-free Chocolate Peanut Butter Shake

This post is sponsored by Silk Cashewmilk, the recipe and opinions contained in this post are 100% mine. 

Dairy-free Chocolate Peanut Butter Shake

I'm pretty sure I've mentioned before my love of the peanut butter- chocolate combo, I may or may not have downed a whole bag of Reese's eggs by myself over the last week. ;)  Today I've got this awesome recipe that is pretty guilt free and it's my favorite combo. This shake is good, promise, I downed an entire glass right after taking the photo of it and yes its dairy-free thanks to Silk Cashewmilk.  Cashewmilk?! I know, right.  Its new and its really creamy (as you can imagine a milk made from those rich creamy nuts would be) it tastes so good and has less calories than skim milk. Say whaaaaat?! I love dessert, I've always had a sweet tooth and so when I figure someway to make myself feel better about downing something sweet I always take it.  This shake is really good and you can feel good drinking it, win-win!


The Climb Free Wallpaper Images

Who else loves a good desktop/iphone wallpaper? I'm totally loving this one, its been on my phone for a few weeks and I love how clean it is and I love the little jolt of motivation that comes when I read the quote.  Sometimes life feels likes a constant uphill climb, but guess what we do get to the top and its worth every struggle to see the view, to feel the relief and to see how much we've grown.


DIY I Spy Bag

How to make an I Spy Bag Full Tutorial

My kids need church toys, they are 2 1/2 and 4 (almost, next week!) and 1 hour of church where they have to be quiet can some days feel like pure torture for all four of us.  It's definitely hit or miss if they have a nice quiet sit in the pew Sunday or a lets get 10 million drinks from the water fountain, lay under the pew and kick it and freak out over sharing toys type Sunday.  This cute little i spy bag is way more engaging that you might think and its a super simple do it yourself toy. As you may know I am a member of the fairfield world master makers team and this post originally posted on the fairfield world blog a little over a month ago. The poly pellets that are used as the filling in this project are made by fairfield world. So lets get started! 


Hedgehog Valentine Box

Valentines Day is such a fun holiday, I mean its no secret I love to celebrate any holiday but just a day to remember to say I love you to those you love, I'll take it! Many of you are probably trying to come up with something to decorate your kids valentine box with and today I've got simple instructions to make this adorable hedgehog valentine box.  I've also teamed up with the people over at coupons.com to show you the adorable Valentine's Day Magazine on The Good Stuff by Coupons.com.  Its a great online magazine that has tips for celebrating valentines day with your sweetie, kids and friends. Also if you are shopping online for gifts for next Saturday you should definitely check out the Coupons.com Valentine's Day Deals. Its always nice to save a few dollars! Now on to the instructions to make this fun hedgehog!


Cuddle Fabric Quilt

Have you used cuddle fabric before? Its like the most soft luscious fabric that you'll ever touch.  I made this fun bright rainbow quilt for the great cuddle cake challenge I am participating in with the other Fairfield world master makers.  We were all given the same brights stack of 10"x10" cuddle squares and yardage of the bright green.  I have to say I was skeptical about the color palette before finishing this guy but I love the way it turned out, its totally brightening my winter mood.  


Relief Society Birthday Gift with Printable

Relief Society Birthday Gift with Printable

I read THIS article that a friend of mine posted on facebook. It really made me think about how I could do better at showing each of the sisters in our ward (women in our congregation) that we, the relief society presidency, think about them often and care about them.  A birthday is a perfect moment to let each woman know that they are loved and appreciated and so at the end of last year I made a goal to do something more for birthdays.  Then we went to Ikea and as I was perusing through the bottom floor paper goods section I spotted these darling gray striped notebooks and it came to me. Birthday journals to record and remember the year ahead.  I created a printable with Helaman 5:22 on it and tied it on with some bakers twine.  The most important part of the gift is the letter, which I am writing to each sister and trying my best to write something meaningful.  I'm hoping this little token brings smiles to the faces of the sisters in our ward. 


Football Caramel Apple Turnovers

Football Party Dessert, Caramel Apple Turnovers

Hey friends! Are you getting ready for a super bowl party? You might have noticed earlier this week I put up an entire football party spread and these cute little football turnovers were included.  Today I've got the recipe and tips on how to make them. When I was planning out the details on the football party I wanted a simple dessert that was delicious and cute.  I had seen around pinterest people had made turnovers, using that pun to make a perfect dessert for the party.  I took it one step further and cut out my dough with a football cookie cutter. I love how they turned out.


Football Party Food!

Easy Football Party Food

I can think of a lot of things I would rather do than watch a football game, it’s just not high on my “let’s do that for fun” list. However, inviting friends over and having a party for said football game watching is up way higher on that fun list. If I’m going to watch a game, I’d rather do it with friends around, because let’s be honest, then I get to just chat and not really watch the game at all. Hosting may seem daunting to you, but I’ll show you today that you can pull off a fun football party with less effort than you think. I’ve partnered with Farm Rich to bring you some delicious party food. I believe in making your life easier and jazzing things up. Farm Rich brings you delicious ready-to-bake in the oven appetizers that everyone will love, and if you pair them with delicious from scratch sauces, dips and desserts, you’ve got a spread that’s a total winner. You can see several other recipes for an easy game day spread on Kitchen Daily.