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My Intel Tablet with DIY Quilted Case

My Intel Tablet & Why I love reading on it!

I'm super excited that today I'm doing a guest post over at Skip to My Lou, her blog is so fun and I'm super happy I was able to contribute this fun little do it yourself sewing tablet case.  Since receiving this awesome little ASUS  Intel Tablet I knew it needed something adorable to be stored in.  I love doing small sewing projects because I always have enough fabric in my sewing closet, and this tablet case only took a little bit of fabric and quilt batting. Do you have a tablet or device that needs an adorable new case? Or maybe you need to make a case to give someone a hint to fill it with a new tablet! Christmas present idea, anyone??


Pumpkin Pecan Spice Rugelach

Pumpkin Pecan Spice Rugelach Recipe

Today I'm partnering with Grain Foods Foundation to bring you a great recipe to add to your holiday baking roundup.  I told the story of my first thanksgiving a few posts ago and how it totally failed, well the one thing that didn't fail was the dessert.  It was the first time I made rugelach and it was delicious, I guess I kind of forgot about it because I hadn't made it in several years and remembered it a few weeks ago.  Rugelach is a jewish pastry that is filled and rolled like a crescent roll, this version has a pumpkin pecan filling and is topped with cinnamon sugar after baking.  Friends, Its really really good.


A Clean House = A Happy Mom

I, like all of you, really enjoy a clean home, there is something really amazing about no crumbs on the counter and vacuum lines on the carpet, right? But here's my problem- I hate deep cleaning, give me a cluttered closet and I'll organize it in a hour, but bathrooms to scrub- no thank you.  I can keep my house picked up consistently (which with a 2 and a 3 year old is still a feat) but the deep cleaning I do begrudgingly because I don't want to live with sticky floors.

do you see those vacuum lines??! ahhhhmazing I tell you!


Easy Thanksgiving Dessert: Pumpkin Pie Ginger Parfaits

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Ok so Thanksgiving is NEXT week! woah friends are you ready? The first Thanksgiving after we got married I decided that I wanted to stay in Rhode Island (at college) where we were living and cook Thanksgiving myself.  I thought it would be easy! ha! I had all my recipes clipped and ready, ingredients bought and lonely college students invited. Almost everything turned out cold, the only thing that was really very good were the rolls and only half my turkey actually tasted good because only half of it stayed in the overnight brine.  It was a little bit of a disaster that taught me that as long as I can I want to go home for Thanksgiving and leave the cooking to the pros- moms and grandmas. I'm still of the same mentality, although I think at this point I'm equipped to do it a little bit better now. :) We are headed home to Nashville next week and I'm sure I'll help with some part of the meal, if you are in charge of dessert (my favorite part) this pumpkin pie ginger parfait is an easy and fast way to make a gorgeous dessert, do it in individual dishes as pictured or make it even faster in a trifle dish. 


DIY Potholder & Cleaning with Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day®

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Cleaning with Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day®

I read once that everyone has a spot in there house that if that "zone" is cleaned then you feel content, even if the rest of the house isn't.  Mine is the kitchen, specifically my kitchen counters, if my kitchen counters are clean it doesn't matter if the entire living room is a disaster I won't have anxiety.  Its kind of a funny concept but I think we all have something that if just that one little area is clean we can breathe easier.  I spent a lot of time in my kitchen between feeding kids and making blog food, cooking dinner and feeding kids some more and so I like it to be clean and I like to have good products that smell good.  I have wood countertops so I have to be careful when using cleaners that they are not too harsh.  I was asked to use some products from the Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day® line and tell you about them, honestly it wasn't a stretch at all because I've been a fan of these gorgeously packaged, lovely smelling cleaning products for a few years now. Inspired by their slogan "Hardworking Homekeeping" I have a tutorial on how to make a potholder for you because I'm sure yours are looking a lot like mine- needing to be replaced!


The Best Birthday Buttercream Icing

The best birthday buttercream icing

Cake. It's my weakness.  My phone case right now is an adorable kate spade one that says "eat cake for breakfast" oh those are words to live by, right? :) I could eat a piece of cake everyday and if calories didn't matter possibly every meal.  I love it, I have such a sweet tooth and there is nothing better, to my tastebuds, than a good cake with delicious icing.  This icing is the best, hands down.  Don't even tell me that you buy a tub of icing at the store because I might flick you on the head, why waste the calories on bad icing?! This stuff, this is the good stuff that with some tips you can whip up like a pro and everyone will tell you that you should start your own bakery.  Thank me later. :)


Teaching Toddlers Thankfulness & Free Printable!

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Teaching Toddler Thankfulness Activity

This whole parenting thing sometimes has me at a loss, at the end of the day I wonder am I doing enough? Are they going to know everything they should when they enter kindergarden? Are they going to be kind, loving and happy people? Am I teaching them everything I want them to know?  One thing I have come to realize over and over again is that my kids are learning more from how I act than anything I tell them to do.  I was reading this article 'Teaching Thankfulness to Toddlers' in Sam's Club's healthy living made simple magazine app, (app available in itunes only)and loved the insights that I read.  The first reassuring fact in the article reminded me to relax and understand that ungrateful behavior is normal in toddlers, thanks for the reassurance because my kids sure do act ungrateful alot of the time! However this point I have come to learn is very true: "When parents say “please” and “thank you” to their child, they learn that behavior. The same goes when you express gratitude to store clerks, doctors or your spouse. Keep in mind that it can take a while before they start to imitate your actions."


Handmade Gift Blog Hop

DIY Tote Bag, Great Gift Idea

Today I've teamed up with over 100 other bloggers for the #HandmadeHolidays blog hop, we have all created awesome do it yourself gifts to help you create fun handmade presents for friends and family this holiday season.  I decided to make a fun tote that as my husband put it "I thought that came from a store", its a great size, large enough for everything a girl could need. The finishing touch is the faux leather handles that make it look especially gift worthy.  Keep reading to get all the instructions and make one yourself, I know you've got a mother, sister or friend who would just love a bag like this!


DIY Inspired Link Party

Let's see what you've been up to this week! Come link up :)