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Thanksgiving Cheese Ball

This recipe has been one of the most visited posts on this blog for several years! This thanksgiving turkey cheeseball is cute, fun to make and easy. You can prep it ahead of time and pull it out while your whipping up all your other dishes for the big meal. People get a real kick out of him, so go ahead and make one for Thanksgiving this year!
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Easy Thanksgiving Turkey Cheeseball Appetizer

I mean, really.  Have you ever seen such a cute turkey cheese ball?! No you haven't! My mom was in town last week and we whipped up a lot of fun holiday treats, so get ready the next 2 months are going to be filled with so many adorable eats you wont even be able to handle it. ;) So today i give you mr. gobbler Thanksgiving cheese ball he is tasty and adorable and is sure to be the hit of the party or appetizer table on thanksgiving day.  Keep reading for the recipe. 

Cute cheeseball that looks like a turkey!

Watch the Video! to see how I make this awesome guy!

This turkey cheeseball is one of the most popular posts on my blog, and for good reason! He's adorable and the perfect conversation starter at Thanksgiving!
You can make the cheeseball ahead of time and even the turkey head and then assemble it right before guests arrive.
Cheeseball recipe made into a turkey
We love having this turkey cheeseball out for a little laugh and delicious appetizer before the big meal! Ingredients:
  • 2 8oz pkgs of cream cheese, softened
  • 2 Tablespoons minced onion
  • 1/2 tablespoon minced green bell pepper
  • 1 8oz can crushed pineapple well drained
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 1/2 tsp garlic powder
  • 1/2 tsp onion powder
  • 1 cup chopped pecans
  • For Decorating
  • pretzel sticks
  • whopper candy
  • beef jerkey stick
  • candy eyes
  • candy corn
  • fruit roll up
  • chocolate icing or melted chocolate (I prefer to use melted chocolate)

  1. Mix all ingredients other than the pecans together until well combined, i used my kitchenaid stand mixer. With damp hands roll the mixture into a ball and then roll in chopped pecans. Wrap it in wax paper and put it in the fridge to chill and firm up a bit.
  2. Oh and btw this cheese ball is super yummy. We made this just to photograph it and it was gone in a few days with only 3 people (well really only 2) snacking on it. It's my favorite go to cheese ball recipe.
  3. Decorate: To make the turkey "feathers" stick your pretzel sticks into the back 1/2 of the cheese ball. To create mr. gobblers head take a stick of beef jerkey and "glue" a whopper candy on top with melted chocolate or icing. You can see in the video I put melted chocolate into a plastic bag and then clipped the end. I find that the melted chocolate creates a very strong "glue" once it is dried. Sometimes I even attach the whopper and then put it in the fridge to get it nice and attached before I move on to the rest of the face. Then attach the nose and eyes also with the chocolate. We made the gobbler by cutting a little strip of fruit roll up and then laying it over the candy corn, no need for glue. See the photos below for a step-by-step photo tutorial or the video above!
Print It:
all the ingredients needed to make a thanksgiving turkey cheeseball
I have now made this cheeseball too many times to count and I've got a few tips to tell you. First of all use melted chocolate, it's so much better than icing. The chocolate hardens so that the entire head doesn't fall apart the second you move it to take it to a party. I just melt chocolate chips in the microwave in 30 second increments and then place it in a ziplock bag and snip a tiny point off the end for the chocolate to come out.
photo tutorial for making a turkey cheeseball for thanksgiving
Step 1: Cover the end of the beef jerky stick with melted chocolate. 
step by step instructions for making a turkey cheeseball
Step 2: Stick your whopper head onto the stick. Hold it until the chocolate is cool, OR even better go put it in the fridge to speed up the cooling process. 
Step by Step photos for how to make a thanksgiving turkey shaped cheeseball
Step 3: Don't attempt putting the other pieces on until that whopper head is secure and the chocolate is cooled. 
How to make a turkey cheeseball
Step 4: Cut your thin slice of fruit roll up for your turkey gobbler. 
Thanksgiving Turkey Cheeseball photo tutorial
Step 5: Add melted chocolate to the whopper for the eyes and nose. 
photo tutorial for how to make a thanksgiving turkey cheeseball
Step 6: place on your candy eyes
step by step instructions on how to make a turkey cheeseball
Step 7: Add the candy corn for the nose
How to make a turkey cheeseball for thanksgiving
Step-by-Step photo tutorial for making a turkey cheeseball
Step 8: Add the fruit roll up piece by laying it over the candy corn. You're done! If you have time put it back in the fridge to get all of the chocolate hard and then put it on the cheeseball before serving. I hope you love it as much as I do! :) 

If you make a Turkey Cheeseball please let me know! It makes me so happy to hear when you make recipes from the blog! I'd love to hear in the comments or tag me on Instagram (@handmadeintheheartland) or Facebook! I just love seeing pictures of your turkeys every Thanksgiving!!
The perfect Thanksgiving Appetizer

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